2011 photo of Saitoti and Nkaissery raises debate on social media


A photo taken in 2011 showing the Retired General (Retired) Joseph Nkaissery together with his predecessor George Saitoti has taken off on social media fueling online speculations.

The photo by former Nation Newspapers journalist Hezron Njoroge which was taken at PCEA Church in Rongai shows both Saitoti and Nkaissery looking at their watches.

Many tried to guess why they were looking at the watched wondering whether they were waiting for someone who was late or they had to get somewhere at a certain time.

It did rounds on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp on Saturday with various comparisons being made as to their deaths.

Many wondered whether the timing of their deaths was a coincidence.

Many pointed out that both men died just months before the elections and less than 5 months before their 67th birthdays.

They also pointed out that Saitoti and Nkaissery are both from the Maasai community.

“So sad. Both died same age, during an election period and both served as CS for internal security as their last careers. Is it a coincidence?”






  1. Both demised under the leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta. Is there something the Kenyan Government is trying to conceal? Uhuru’s Government MUST answer some questions concerning the death of Nkaissery.

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