How 5 girls in a Whatsapp group planned the Moi Girls School arson


The fire that razed down a dormitory at the Moi Girls High Scool in Nairobi was carefully planned in a Whatsapp group formed during the school holidays.

The fire which burned down the dormitory claiming the lives of nine students and leaving several others with injuries was set off on September 2.

However, fresh details emerging show that there was an elaborate plan to set the fire as early as August 31, a few days after the school term began.

The plan did not go through that night as “there was a lot of movements” making it impossible to execute the senseless plan.

The plan was then executed on the fateful night with reports showing that various agents including a cleaning detergent and perfumes were used to intensify the fire.

A 14 year old Form One student at the school has been arrested and is in custody in connection with the tragedy.

In the Whatsapp group, the lead suspect wrote how she hated the school and had been trying to leave for a while.

In one of her messages, she clearly states that she was going to burn down the school.

“I will burn the school,” one of her messages read.

The 14 year old is said to have a passion for writing and has been dwelling on magic and cults.

Another student in the group writes that she will burn the school because her parents refused to take her to another institution.

“I will burn the school because my parents refused to take me to (names of the school withheld). I want to do something that will shock them.

The lead suspect called two of her friends after the fire started and they dashed to safety. She did not alert the other two.

Asked by detectives as to why she left out the other two, she said that “it did not occur to my mind at that point.”

The suspect is said to have had various troubles at the school and her parents were called in various times.

She is said to have been boasting of wielding influence saying that she comes from a wealthy and well connected family and some of her relatives are top school administrators.

“She had an Ipod, and when she was reported to the relevant authorities, nothing was done about it even though we are not allowed to have any electronics in the school,” a Moi Girls student told the Daily Nation.

“The school food was not good for someone of her caliber. She liked doing a lot of illegal things and got off scot free. She was troublesome, vulgar, violent and no one could stand up to her even though she was reported to the administration,” another student said about the suspect.

The suspect is said to have tried committing suicide before by drinking detergent and trying to suffocate herself.

According to a statement by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), the fire started in various places and it was not due to an electrical fault.

Those who died suffocated from the intensive smoke before their bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

Their families are awaiting results of DNA tests which were performed by pathologists who are expecting the results to be a out in a couple of weeks.