VIDEO: Andrew Kenneth’s speech at his father’s (Peter Kenneth) presidential bid launch


Andrew Kenneth the son of Presidential candidate Peter Kenneth gives a speech extolling the values of his father during the Peter Kenneth presidential bid at the KICC on Sunday. The speech was billed as the birth of a new kind of politics in Kenya. Many Kenyans who watched the speech took to Facebook and Twitter to commend the young man for the great speech. Peter Kenneth’s speech later was billed as “clean ” politics. Here is the video.

  • Its time to stop talking and start doing

    • bernardine mutio

      …and Kenneth is the one…!!!

  • you deserve the Presidency

  • Jem Nasieku

    He has my vote. Its about time we got rid of that box we have been stuck in for so long. Voting on ethnic lines is shallow thinking.

  • dorothy kachero

    count on my vote for PK.

  • Maturwe Nyandema

    Peter Kenneth’s Journey to State House Beings!! Guyz lets support him!

  • cliffe wara

    i like this ,very convincing

  • brehen

    Go for it Kenneth!!!