I beat Uhuru by 1.5 million votes and I will beat him again, Raila says


Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Saturday claimed that he topped President Uhuru Kenyatta with over 1.5 million votes during the general elections held on August 8.

The NASA flagbearer claimed that his votes were systematically deducted while Uhuru’s were added to deny him the victory.

Speaking at Masinde Muliro grounds in Nairobi’s Mathare slums, he claimed that both IEBC and Jubilee knew NASA had won the polls and that was the reason that they refused to open the IEBC portal even after being ordered by Supreme Court.

He maintained that he was going to beat the President in the repeat polls Uhuru which the IEBC ordered to be conducted in less than 60 days.

Odinga also claimed that security officers were used to conduct polls in last month’s polls saying that Special Branch officers and NIS were used as Returning Officers.

“We respect our Army and Police but we are telling them not to get involved in election matters. Let Kenyans elect their own leaders,” said Raila.

He said that the IEBC in its current form cannot conduct credible polls.

“You cannot force Kenyans to go to an election supervised by thieves. We will only go to elections after knowing the referee does not favor any side, ” he said.

He also accused the Former Defence Chief Karangi of being behind the vote manipulation and display of fake results in the IEBC portal.

He said that there was a vote manipulation center located in Karen where the vote manipulation took place and headed by Karangi.

Earlier, he told a congregation at St Stephens ACK church in Nairobi that he is not willing to share power with Jubilee despite claims by Uhuru and Ruto that he was only interested in power sharing.


“We want the whole thing, we will win the Presidential polls and we will win this election very early. We cannot share power with thieves,” Raila stated.




  1. Now the lies and propaganda begin. Thanks to the ammunition given by computer-illiterate judge Maraga. The ICT report is just a bunch of hog-wash that does not point to anything relevant to vote manipulation. The judges were manipulated by high-octane propaganda and lies presented by Omollo Otiende and Orengo and they did not even spend one minute looking at the respondents evidence. Every issue NASA had raised had been answered by respondents affidavits. But the crook Omollo Otiende came to court and presented the fabricated version – Maraga sawllowed the propaganda like a hungry fish.

    Uhuru will still win and if Maraga cancels that too then it might result to mau mau all over again

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