Caroline Mutoko Asks Minister to Review Her Appointment


Radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has said her recent appointment as the chairperson of a tourism parastatal is likely to face legal hurdles. Mutoko has appealed to Tourism minister Dan Mwazo to revisit the law he used to appoint her as the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation chairperson last month.

In a letter to Mwazo, Mutoko said after a review of the law that set up the KTDC, she has found it hard to take up the job. She said the anomaly implies that decisions of the board of KTDC, which she will chair, will be illegal. “It means I would be acting outside the law in any and every decision I make,” read the letter.

The Kiss 100 presenter told the minister she is willing to take up her job, but he should seek advice on the anomaly. “I do not wish to hinder the work of the board nor do I want to be a legal hurdle for KTDC especially at this crucial time in our country,” Caroline told Mwazo. “I must do the right thing by you and by the people of Kenya.”

Mutoko had consulted her lawyer to find out if her appointment was done within the law. She was however advised by her lawyer, Mohammed Nyaoga, to address her concerns with the minister because the KTDC Act does not authorise him to appoint the chairperson under its section six, but under section five.

Section six of the Act gives the President powers to appoint a chairperson, while the minister may only appoint alternate members to the board. “It is important to note that the minister is not vested with power to appoint a chairperson of any board under that section,” Nyaoga’s said. She said that she was willing and eager to accept and work with the board and KTDC management ” to deliver on the goals of the organization and for the tourism sector”.

Source: The Star

  • Why is she responding after seeing many people condemning the board?? She isnt qualified to head that board. She should stick to journalism. Its interesting to note that Michael joseph was once appointed to that position and left. Caroline Mutuko is also a close friend of Mj ,so is it a coincidence that two very close friend get the same Job? or was Mj asked to propose someone? Kenyans nowadays knows all the happenings in every coner of this country .

  • Magdalene

    Ever thought of becoming Kenya’s president Carol? no I mean it. before you express your contempt for politicians, please give it some thought.

  • alexandra

    so???? show bizz?