December 9, 2016

Safaricom-backed Taxi hailing app Little Ride introduces Sh100 base fee after fare slash


Safaricom-backed taxi hailing app Little Ride has introduced a base fare of Sh100, barely two weeks after slashing its prices by a third. The latest fee is currently effective in addition to the recently announced charges. Fares are also rounded up to the nearest 10. Little Ride now charges Sh30 per kilometre down from Sh55 per kilometre in Nairobi and Mombasa. During the announcement of the new rates two weeks ago, the firm left time charges unchanged at Sh4 per minute with no flat base charge or price surges like its main competitor, Uber. “We have just matched the price…

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WIN Pamoja to launch Life Insurance product for Kenyans in Diaspora on December 3rd and 4th in Dallas, TX


WIN Pamoja, in partnership with Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council of Texas (KDAC), will be launching a Life Insurance product to the Diaspora community in Texas. The launch is scheduled for December 3rd and 4th 2016 and WIN Pamoja’s goals are: 1.)    To provide Kenyans with access to the Life Insurance product. 2.)    To provide Diaspora with the opportunity to immediately signup family for Life Insurance. 3.)    To extend the insurance opportunity to those Diaspora that are willing yet unable to signup for the Life Insurance. These can include homeless Diaspora and Diaspora that have lost their jobs.   ABOUT THE…

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[VIDEO] Kenyan Toy Designer Creates Doll Line to Celebrate African Women


When Nancy Nkirote Schürch’s daughter was 14 months she bought her a doll. It became her daughter’s best friend with whom she spent most of her time, talked to, slept and even shared her dinning chair with. The little girl’s deep affection for the doll saw her name it ‘Mimi’, a Swahili word meaning me. However, looking at the blue-eyed doll with long eyelashes, flowing silky hair, fair complexion and a lean silhouette, Nancy knew that the doll looked nothing like her daughter. Nancy who is married to a Swiss had seen the struggles her children and other interracial children…

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Old Nairobi city estates to give way for modern high-end houses


Nairobi residents living in old and dilapidated council estates can look up to decent housing if they live to see completion of the urban renewal housing project to be signed next week. Detailed plans to redevelop at least seven estates seen by The Standard on Saturday promise “a Nairobi of the 70’s experience” but with modern top-end housing units complete with modern recreational facilities. The Nairobi of the 70’s had affordable and spacious housing with adequate recreational facilities within the estates, adequate parking, sufficient liquid and solid waste disposal system, fresh water supply and were properly planned to have markets and schools around or within them. All that was however lost to pressures of increased housing demands, swell of rural migrants…

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Business opportunity with Isaac Muthui CEO, Churchblaze Group in Richardson, TX


An exciting opportunity to hear our own Kenyan who is almost a replica of “Mark Zuckerberg” the pioneer and now owner of both Facebook & whatsup. Isaac Muthui is the man to watch in Kenya & Africa as a whole. He is founder and developer of ChurchBlaze Platform which compares to nothing else in the market place in Kenya. Come and listen and see what opportunities are there for you.

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Shock of Master’s degree holders teaching PhD classes in Kenya


Running unapproved degree courses, lack of teaching staff and operating near noisy bus terminus are part of the rot in public universities revealed by an advisory committee. The committee, whose members include former University of Nairobi vice-chancellors Prof George Magoha and Prof Crispus Kiamba said that universities have little regard for the regulator—the Commission for University Education (CUE). The increased set up of satellite campuses by public universities has been blamed for the falling standards of degree programmes that has seen Masters degree holders teaching PhD candidates. “Campuses are established mainly for commercial purposes. This has compromised the basic function…

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Kenyan Food: Nyumbani Hakuna Matata Kitchen finds a Home @ Skewers in Addison, Texas!


Collective elements for a special dining experience have fused together at Addison’s eatery district – experience, English-Afro background, vision, and a pledge to exceptional service. Nyumbani (Hakuna Matata) Kitchen, which opened two Sundays ago is the latest ambitious venture for partners, Vincent Taylor, long time popular bar tender, Shiro Thuku a long time private caterer and event planner with a passion for the Swahili language and culture; and Josh Nyakundi, one of the most popular African DJs in Dallas. The trio have established a reputation within the East African Community in Dallas in their different arenas of expertise for over…

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The Chinese Yuan Becomes Official Currency in Zimbabwe


This is another milestone set by Beijing to be in the court of the great powers, those whose currency refers. As of January 1, the yuan (or remimbi) rub shoulders with the US dollar, South African rand and the Botswana pula in the pockets of the people of Zimbabwe.  It must be said that the situation in this country is special. He has no national currency since 2009. The failed land reform President-dictator Robert Mugabe has led to a severe economic crisis that the government tried to stop cranking printing money. Result: hyperinflation than 500,000,000,000% according to the IMF. In…

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Kenyan online retailer Kilimall gives shoppers an option to buy goods overseas


Online retailer, Kilimall, has unveiled a service that enables customers to buy products from different markets across the world that would not previously ship to Kenya. Through the Global Shopping icon on its portal, customers in Kenya can make orders for items in foreign territories. Kilimall will source them from pre-qualified merchants then deliver directly to clients. Kilimall international operations director, Victor Ma, on Thursday said the new service will provide more variety for Kenyan shoppers, especially those in business, and save them the cost and inconvenience of travelling to those markets. “There is growing demand for various products from…

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[VIDEO] Dallas’ East African Chamber Does it Big! Again!


The EACC 2016 Annual conference held at the Sheraton Galleria in Dallas was a three day affair that brought together attendees and diplomats from the diaspora and East African regions. Bongapoa was there the entire time and highlighted all those moments that made this event its most successful yet!

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