January 24, 2017

[VIDEO] Kenyan family in Oklahoma seeks help in burying ice storm crash victim Gideon Njuguna in Kenya


A community pulls together for the family of an Oklahoma man killed during last week’s ice storm. Gideon Njuguna Gachohi, 45, died along Interstate 40 near Weatherford. (Read: [VIDEO] Kenyan truck driver killed after semi-truck crash near Weatherford, Oklahoma) “It’s tough, it’s still very fresh,” said Jane Njuguna, Gachohi’s widow. Njuguna and her two children, 12-year-old David and 10-year-old Naomi, suffered an unexpected loss. “He loved his children in a special way,” she said. Gachohi was a husband and father, but also a skilled mechanic and owner of a small trucking business. “He told me he was loaded and heading…

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[VIDEO] Kenyan captures moment semi-truck crashes into a school bus in Florida on his truck’s dashcam


By Antony Karanja |Jambonewspot.com A Kenyan captured a moment that would surely send chills towards any parent. Michael Kiragu a former resident of Dallas, Texas who was driving a semi-truck was waiting to make a left turn at a Pasco County intersection not too far from Tampa, Florida. Kiragu who spoke to jambonewspot.com on Wednesday said that as he waited at the light, a small car was approaching the intersection  slowly and it appeared to be yielding to oncoming traffic. Right behind was a black semi-truck which inexplicably went around the small car and attempted to make a turn without yielding….

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[VIDEO] Kenyan truck driver killed after semi-truck crash near Weatherford, Oklahoma


A Kenyan truck driver was killed when his semi truck crashed on I-40 just west of Weatherford on Saturday morning. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol the truck travelling west on the interstate went into a slide after it hit an icy patch  causing it to crossover the median and coming to a rest on the eastbound shoulder of the eastbound lanes. They added that the truck’s cab was ripped from the trailer. The accident caused all lanes of I-40 to be closed as authorities and crew worked to clear the wreckage. The truck was just one of the eight…

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Help Loise Wangui Waweru in aid of her ongoing cancer treatment in India


After a year-long battle with cancer-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Liose  Wangui Waweru has put on her armor and is back in the battle field after a relapse just a month in remission. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that affects the white blood cells. At only 28 years old Loise or Qui as we all know her is a young vibrant loving and happy person (#NoDullMoment) who has her whole life ahead of her. She is currently undergoing treatment in India which includes Second line Chemotherapy and Later a Stem Cell Transplant (bone marrow transplant). We need your help in…

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From rural Kenya to a PhD in astronomy: how partnerships made it possible


I grew up in a Kenyan village with dark skies and vivid stars. We admired the sky and listened to stories about it told by the elders. There were few expectations that the children in our village would ever understand the sky’s secrets as this was unimaginable at the time. I excelled at maths and science, eventually becoming a teacher in the subjects. Then came a Masters degree in Physics, followed by a second Masters through South Africa’s Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. There the boy who had gazed up at mysterious skies turned into a man who wanted to…

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Deciding To Leave Kenya To Study Abroad


Moving to a new country for college is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating because of the myriads of opportunities for one to exploit, new places to explore and new friends to make. It can be scary because of how new everything is. You have no grasp of where anything is and the idea of leaving everything to google maps and, sometimes even google translate, is beyond horrifying. Here is a list of things I knew before I left Kenya to study abroad. 1.Transitions are difficult. You will move from getting a lot of help at home to ‘adulting’. You will…

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Uhuru praises Kenyans abroad for lifting economy

Kenyans in India

The President has praised Kenyans living abroad for their role in economic growth, noting remittances hit the Sh1.6 billion mark in 2015. Uhuru Kenyatta assured those in the Diaspora that the government will facilitate their stay there. “Today, the Kenyan diaspora is contributing to our economy more than what tea and coffee are contributing to the exchequer,” he told Kenyans in New Delhi, India, during a meeting on Wednesday. Uhuru said his administration has put in place a national diaspora policy that provides a roadmap for their involvement in the realisation of Vision 2030. “I consider the Kenyan diaspora as…

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[VIDEO] Kenyan immigrant in the US granted trial after shocking footage of US immigration officers brutally attacking him


A judge has granted a civil trial for a Kenyan man who alleges immigration agents violently attacked him at a Kansas jail for refusing to be fingerprinted before deportation, an incident captured on jailhouse surveillance video. The lawsuit by Justine Mochama, an international college student who overstayed his visa, has languished in federal court in Kansas for almost three years. But on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Vratil refused to throw out his claims that two agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement used excessive force during the January 2014 altercation.  “It is a good outcome and hopefully it sends…

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[VIDEO] Kenyan man found dead along a fence in Lakewood, Washington


A Kenyan man was found dead along a fence in Lakewood, Washington. The body of Sam Nyutu was recovered by Lakewood homicide detectives after a passerby called 911 early Monday after seeing a man’s lifeless body lying along the fence line of a boat repair business. According to the police, the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office will perform an autopsy to determine Nyutu’s cause of death. The police noted that there were no obvious signs of trauma, gunshot wounds, nor knife wounds. They said it could be natural or something bad. Detectives found alcohol in a bag and drugs on Nyutu. The detectives…

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[VIDEO] Kenyan Teacher Journeys from Nairobi to North Carolina


One day in May 2015, James Gitau Mwangi was reading in the library at the American Reference Center in Nairobi when he overheard a conversation that changed his life. The center’s assistant director, Nashon Akello, was calling for English teachers to come to a webinar and Mwangi asked if he could attend, telling Akello, “I’m an English teacher!” Soon Mwangi was sitting with a group of Kenyan English teachers watching two American teachers give an online teleconference. The webinar was organized by the U.S. Embassy in cooperation with VOA Learning English. Called “Writing for the Internet,” the course explained how…

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