May 31, 2016

DJ Creme: US imigration officer asked about my ‘sex tape’

DJ Creme

By Grace Kerongo Last week, DJ Creme was detained by United States immigration and subsequently flown back “in the next available flight” after the officials found out he did not have the “right documentation” for his visit. DJ Creme was billed as the headlining act for Dallas Memorial Day holiday weekend but on arrival at the Dallas International Airport, he was questioned and “denied entry”. “The guys wanted too much information. They asked about my folks, my kids…,” Creme told Kalekye Mumo during an interview on the Kiss FM breakfast show, “They asked about the [sex tape] scandal. Man!” He…

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Meet David Wanjiru the Chief Information Officer, California State Library


After four months on the job, David Wanjiru is getting to know the California State Library’s unique mission within state government, and he’s thinking about the present and future of technology as the library’s CIO. He’s been in the IT field and state government for his entire career, first for 10 years at the Department of Water Resources and then the past 15 years at the California Highway Patrol, where he managed the implementation of CHP’s computer-aided dispatch system, large-scale infrastructure projects, and database and network support. Now, as a CIO for the first time, Wanjiru is beginning to think…

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Kenyan man who threatened to blow up his apartment building in Dubai if not deported charged


A man, who allegedly called the Dubai Police and threatened to blow up his apartment building unless he got deported, has been charged in court. “Yes I did that,” the 25-year-old Kenyan (a jobless) admitted in the Court of First Instance. He was allegedly drunk when he made the call. Prosecutors accused him of making criminal threat, blackmail and consuming alcohol without a licence. He had been overstaying on an expired visit visa. “We learnt from the Dubai Police operation room about a threatening call made by a man on April 17. The man had phoned the police at 5pm…

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Nairobi woman scalded by employer in Dubai flies back home


Yet another Nairobi woman has been brought home from Dubai with serious burns inflicted by an employer. Mistreatment of Kenyans in the Middle East has been a long standing concern that at one point led to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cancel permits of recruitment agencies that were organising job opportunities for Kenyans in the oil-ruch countries. The order has since been lifted. The plight of the latest victim was highlighted by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko whose rescue team transferred the woman from JKIA to Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday night. According to the woman, whose identity the Senator…

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I went through an ordeal I would never want to relive ever again – DJ Creme after heading back to Kenya

DJ Creme

By Jambonewspot reporter DJ Creme de la Creme is at a loss as to what happened resulting in him being denied entry into the United States. The DJ who real name is George Njuguna was denied entry into the US at the Dallas Fort-worth (DFW) International Airport on Wednesday before eventually heading back to Kenya on Thursday. (Read: After US Immigration hold, DJ Creme denied entry, placed on flight back to Kenya) In a post on Instagram, DJ Creme said that he had gone through an ordeal he would never like to go through again. “Been through an ordeal I’d never…

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Choma Sundays to donate 50% of proceeds to #JaneWillWalkAgain on May 29th


Choma Sundays will today on May 29th donate 50% of their sales proceeds towards the #janewillwalkagain campaign which is in aid of Jane Mwangi who was shot in Nairobi last year. Choma Sundays is located at Prime Time Bar and Grill. If you eat Nyama Choma or dine at the location you will be essentially supporting this campaign. Let’s meet there.

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Gun Violence. Why it’s got to stop – Jane will walk again

Jane Mwangi

Gun violence in America has reached its highest magnitude ever in the last ten years. It is senseless. It is meaningless. It is a curse in our communities. It’s got to stop. It wounds, it takes away loved ones from our midst, it cripples, and it destroys what was once whole. It’s got to stop. Jane Mwangi was not in America when the hand of fate was handed to her in the form of a bullet, that had her wind up in a wheel chair. She was in Kenya. In this part of the world, a gun is not a…

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[AUDIO] The story of the former street boy who captivated Kenya with the line “huyo sio mwizi, anauzaga nyama pale ngara”


“I lived in the streets for more than eight years after my father chased me and my six siblings away from home. I used to sleep around Globe Cinema area together with other street boys. As a street boy I used to do all manner of things from helping people park their vehicles to snatching and stealing side mirrors. One afternoon while lazing around Globe Cinema with ten of my fellow street boys we had gunshots. We rushed to the scene to find a butcher from Ngara area shot dead. I was so high on all manner of things from…

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Caroline Njung’e: Why do men act all tough but can’t handle a cold?


I got inspired to write this after a colleague recounted how one of her writers, a man, complained to her about how difficult it was writing his column this week because he had a flu. “From the way he sounded, I you would have thought he was calling me from the ICU! Men!” exclaimed my colleague, rolling her eyes with impatience. She then added, “I have a cold right now, but who have I complained to? How many columns and articles have I edited today with my cold?” she wondered, sounding irritated. Listening to her outburst, I suspected that she…

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As attacks on Africans in India escalate, Kenyan woman says she was hit in the stomach by three men


Three months after a Tanzanian woman was assaulted in Bengaluru following an accident, a Kenyan woman has now alleged that she was waylaid while traveling an auto-rickshaw and beat her up till she bled. “They tried to strip me, and when I fought back they hit me on my stomach until I started bleeding,” alleged 29-year-old Tara (name changed), who was allegedly assaulted by 3 unknown men on May 12 in Bengaluru. The Kenyan woman, who is studying BBM in a college in Yelahanka, was allegedly attacked by three men in Kammanahalli while she was getting back to her home in…

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