September 4, 2015

[VIDEO] Meet Mabou Loiseau: Extraordinary 8-year-old Genius Speaks 8 Languages & Plays 8 Instruments


At only 8-years-old Mabou Loiseau speaks English, but she can fluently read, write and speak French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Haitian Creole, Japanese, and she even knows sign language. Mabou also plays the piano, violin, guitar, harp, clarinet, conga, drums and the flute.  Although she learned majority of those skills while at DoReMi School of Music Arts & Languages in Laurelton, New York, she is truly a product of genetic greatness. Mabou reached national spotlight after she was featured on the Katie Couric show. When asked where she got her talent from, the 8-year-old  polyglot said, “I was born smart,…

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Nairobi reduces cremation cost, hikes burial fee


Some Nairobi residents have questioned why the county government has increased the cost of burying the dead and lowered that of cremation. During the public hearing of the Finance Bill yesterday, the residents faulted the county’s new measure. According to the bill, in the 2015-16 financial year, city residents will pay Sh30,500, up from Sh25,000 to bury at the already full Lang’ata cemetery. The bill however proposes to encourage residents to choose cremation. The cremation of an adult has been reduced to Sh9,000 from Sh13,000. Residents will save Sh21,500 if they cremate their dead. Cremating a child will cost Sh6,000…

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ICC puts top Kenyan lawyer on watch list for allegedly corrupting prosecution witnesses


A top Kenyan lawyer is on the ICC’s radar and risks being charged for corruptly influencing prosecution witnesses in the case against Deputy President William Ruto. Investigations by the Star indicate that the lawyer, whose name was withheld by the Hague judges, was appointed as a parastatal chief last year. He would become the second Kenyan to be indicted for bribing and corruptly influencing witnesses to pull out of the case after journalist Walter Barasa. According to ICC documents, the man has been falsely presenting himself as a defence lawyer for Ruto, despite a cease-and-desist warning from the DP’s legal…

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Hilary Clinton emails: US lobby was behind 2010 pro-abortion drive in Kenya


An American non-profit organisation involved in maternal health asked Hillary Clinton when she was US secretary of state to push Kenyan authorities into allowing favourable laws on abortion. In a series of emails made public on Tuesday by the State Department, Planned Parenthood petitioned Mrs Clinton to use her planned visit to Nairobi in 2009 to ask leaders to support a Constitution that would favour abortion. As President Obama’s secretary of state, Mrs Clinton travelled to Nairobi in August 2009 as part of the seven-nation trip that mainly focused on trade and support for the fight against terrorism. She also…

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Kenya Airways Dreamliners stuck in US factory as Congress kills financing source


Two Boeing 787 Dreamliners ordered by Kenya Airways (KQ) have been put in storage in the United States due to a political battle in Washington that has killed financing for the deal. The two advanced passenger aircraft, each with a list price of about $225 million, remain stranded at a Boeing facility on the US West Coast as the troubled Kenyan carrier seeks to arrange alternative financing for the planes. The 787s are the final two in a package of nine Dreamliners that KQ agreed to purchase from Boeing. KQ was able to take delivery of seven other planes during…

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Family of Kenyan accused of sexually assaulting a 7 year old in Alabama dispute allegations


By ANTONY KARANJA The family of a Kenyan man accused of sexually molesting a 7 year old girl in Hoover, Alabama has disputed the allegations. Newton Njuguna Githiri was arrested on Sunday morning after he entered a room occupied by the seven year old girl. According to family sources speaking to, Newton went out on Saturday evening and was returning home at about 3 am Sunday morning when the incident occurred. The family insists that Newton was drunk and mistakenly went to the wrong apartment as the apartments are in the same block. They maintain that he entered the…

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Businessman who built popular city eatery “Kwa Njuguna”


For more than three decades, Joseph Njuguna Macharia, who died last week, fed thousands of Kenyans on the country’s famed nyama chomafrom an early 20th century stone building along Nairobi’s Waiyaki Way. He served from a smoky little building where Kenya’s Who’s Who trooped. The small house was built during colonial days when the road was known as Salisbury Way to serve as a canteen for the Westlands community and families in the neighbouring military camp. It’s from here that Njuguna roasted and boiled meat, made ugali, mukimo, kachumbari and sold bread to go with it. He did most of…

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300 officers quit GSU Recce squad over poor pay


More than 300 GSU Recce squad officers have quit the job in a year, citing poor pay and mistreatment by their seniors. Officers who spoke to the the Star on condition of anonymity said their bosses are using their positions to pocket allowances paid to them by the private companies hiring their services. They said their seniors have refused to let the companies pay the allowances to individual officers’ bank accounts. The officers said their colleagues recently escorted a convoy of UN transit lorries carrying weaponry from Malaba to Mombasa before they were shipped to Egypt, but have not been…

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Police say this is the new look of Kenya’s Mungiki


Police on Wednesday morning arrested 24 men and women suspected to be members of the outlawed Mungiki sect in Kayole, Nairobi.   The suspects were arrested in a 2am raid, Kayole OCPD Ali Nuno said. They are elderly and in neat uniform, a departure from the ruffian youths who have traditionally been associated with the sect’s activities. During the morning raid, police said they found training materials and audit books showing financial contributions by members. OCPD Nuno also said they also found a schedule showing the colour of clothes the men and women should wear.

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I have not been offered Sh1 billion by Qatar to ditch Kenya-Julius Yego


Javelin maverick Julius Yego has trashed as “rumours” widespread talks that he has been offered Sh1 billion from Qatar to ditch Kenyan citizenship. Some blogs had suggested that Yego had been offered the staggering amount to ditch Kenya and to start to compete for Qatar. But in an interview with Nairobi News during a heroes’ welcome at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Yego said no country has ever approached him to change citizenship. “Why would I do that? Money can’t take me anywhere. Who will recognize me in Qatar? How many Kenyans have gone to Qatar and come back here…

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