July 28, 2016

Hope fades for poor patients at Kenyatta


Millicent Wachuka has been living with cervical cancer for one and a half years. A month ago, she started radiotherapy treatment to kill the cancer cells and to stop them from spreading. After spending more than a year on the radiotherapy waiting list, Ms Wachuka was happy to start the treatment. Her doctor prescribed 25 sessions, one each day except on weekends. Ms Wachuka had just completed her twentieth session when both radiotherapy machines at Kenyatta National Hospital broke down. And with that, she started an agonising wait for the machines to be fixed, praying every day that she would…

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A couple’s plan to help Kenyan maids save for a rainy day


When Joseph Gichunge and his wife Leah Imaita founded Jazza Centre two years ago, their plan was simple, to find decent jobs for their recruits — housekeepers. They wanted to better their lives by bringing professionalism is a service industry that is often put to the back burner. Their quest was to better the quality of service for their potential clients by connecting them with skilled workers. Today their dream is benefiting about 200 servants from the initial five. And they are seeking to introduce a new element, the culture of savings among the housekeepers. “I want to do something…

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Cancer patients anxious as machines at Kenyatta National Hospital break down


Cancer patients have been unable to undergo radiotherapy at Kenya’s biggest referral hospital because the only two machines are out of service. The machines at Kenyatta National Hospital broke down hours of each other on Monday, March 9. Hospital spokesperson Simon Ithae said the newer machine broke down after a power outage hit the area. “The power surge affected the electronic components of the machine. At about the same time, the couch on the other machine tilted and had to be taken for panel beating,” he said. The couch is the bed where a patient lies as they undergo radiotherapy….

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Why police think Juja MCA who was missing staged his own kidnap


The escape and rescue of a Kiambu politician who had been missing for eight days was expected to end the saga surrounding his disappearance, but it appears to have raised more questions than answers. Police are waiting for Mr Samuel Gitau, the Juja ward representative, to leave the Aga Khan University Hospital, where he is being treated, so they can interrogate him, hoping to unravel the mystery. “The whole thing has left very many questions unanswered, but we are waiting for him to get out of the hospital so that he can tell us what happened,” said Kiambu County Commander…

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Man in Tana River commits suicide after wive leaves him over unpaid dowry


A 46 year old casual labourer in Madogo division, Tana River County, committed suicide Tuesday night allegedly after his wife left him for failing to pay her dowry. Peter Mutisia’s woes started early last month when his in-laws paid a visit and demanded that he pay them dowry or risk losing his wife of 23 years. The deceased told the in-laws that he could not raise the dowry because the meager earnings from casual jobs were barely enough to sustain his family. One week after the visit, the wife Jane Mwikali Mutua, 36 left her matrimonial home and rented a…

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Multiple Sclerosis a rare disease in Kenya robs patients of their mobility and self-worth


Martin Muiruri recalls with pride the day he climbed 20 flights of stairs to see his girlfriend, Robai, at her workplace. That remains the ultimate labour of his love for Robai,  now his wife and the mother of their five-year-old daughter. So what? Men have done much more spectacular things for love, you might say, but for Martin, who suffers from progressive multiple sclerosis, the chances hurting himself on his way to see the love of his life were extremely high. Multiple sclerosis, or simply MS, is a rare autoimmune disease that causes the body’s own defences to destroy neurons…

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The Chinese restaurant in Nairobi that does not take Africans after 7pm


A Chinese restaurant in Nairobi is under fire for a controversial policy towards Kenyans and Africans in general. Bai Xing Ren Jia Family Restaurant situated next to Nairobi hospital on Argwings Kodhek Rd does not take Kenyans or Africans in general after 7pm The restaurant which has seen protests before due to the policy is situated next to Nairobi Hospital. However, the restaurant has some Kenyans defending its policy. Another Chinese restaurant along Lenana road was raided by civilian policemen from Kilimani Police Station who ended up mugging patrons. The Chinese Association in Kenya circulated the information to the other restaurants who…

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100 year old granny jailed in Embu for contempt


A 100-year-old woman and her two sons are spending time in Embu Prison for defying a court order in an 18-year land dispute. Ngima Gakoromo and her sons Njue Gakoromo, 70, and Angelo Gakoromo, 50, were sent to prison last week for contempt of court. They ignored a court order to allocate a two-acre parcel to Justa Wawira who has been demanding a share of the family’s four acres. Wawira’s father lived on a part of the land and is said to have claimed a share before he died. The two families are not related and Wawira’s father is said…

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[PHOTOS] Governor Kidero walks from office to Westlands to beat traffic jam


Fate finally handed Governor Evans Kidero the experience of traffic madness in Nairobi after he was forced to walk from his office to Westlands to beat traffic. So exhausted was the governor at the end of the 2.6 kilometre trek, he reckoned he could have lost a couple of kilos from the experience. Away from his from his air-conditioned vehicle, the governor had a taste of the daily experience of Nairobians who are looking up to him to stamp out the gridlock in the city. The governor was scheduled to attend to an official event at the swanky Kempinski Hotel, according to…

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Principal at a Kenyan High School bans mothers with mini-skirts from visiting their children


A principal at a school in Vihiga County has banned parents in miniskirts and short dresses from visiting. Vihiga High School Principal Ezekiel Ayiego on Sunday said the decision was reached after noting that the dressing was an embarrassment to boys at the institution. “Parents should not embarrass their sons when they visit this school. There is no ‘my dress, my choice’ here,” he said. Mr Ayiego warned that the school administration would send away any parent who defies the directive. “We have done it before and nothing will stop us from doing it again. As a parent, you must…

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