July 4, 2015

Kisii girls school prohibits ex-students from visiting in trousers


A secondary school in Kisii has prohibited all its former students from visiting the institution in trousers. Old girls visiting Nyabururu Girls are expected to wear skirts or anything but trousers, if they expect to be served. A notice at the sentry room near the school gate and typed in capital letters reads: “Former students will not be allowed into the institution in trousers.” LEARN THE HARD WAY Ms Lucy Juma, who left the school in 2009, learnt about the directive the hard way. “I went to the school in August last year to get my papers. To my shock,…

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Widows tussle over the burial of Nairobi tycoon


A woman has been left devastated after her co-wife buried their millionaire husband without her knowledge. Mother-of-two Agnes Kanana accused her co-wife Esther Njeri of locking her family out of the funeral arrangements of their late husband, Joseph Kahonge, and burying him secretly at Lang’ata Cemetery. “We were all shocked to hear that he had been buried when we had not even seen his body. We all expected the burial on the following day,” said a weeping Ms Kanana yesterday. Not even the late Kahonge’s brothers and other close relatives and friends were involved in the funeral arrangements or the…

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Got quails on your mind? Here are some tips on quail farming


Marketing: Keep a neat farm. A prospective customer judges you by the appearance of your farm. Breeding Stock: If you start with undesirable breeders, you end up with undesirable offspring. It’s just this simple; so be cautious when selecting breeder stock from your stock or from someone else. The following suggestions help with selection of the best breeding stock: Buy only from reputable breeder dealers. Get the best breeder birds available; your future in the business depends on good breeder stock. If you plan to buy birds or eggs Check the breeders for conformation in size, shape, and color according…

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Kenyan movie LEO to screen in Dallas on March 20, 2014

Leo Dallas2

LEO is a charming and beguiling adult fairy-tale set in Nairobi, a Metropolitan City in Kenya that is a melting pot of East African culture, art, politics and commerce. It is a story about Maasai boy, raised in a low-income home, achieving his dream against all odds. LEO film is a simple story that captures the essence of a child’s heart still open to all the possibilities of achieving his dream in “Kenya” Africa. The movie is directed by Jinna Mutune. She is a multi-cultural film-maker who has directed and produced short films, music videos and theatrical plays both in…

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Invitation for debate on the International Criminal Court in Africa in Washington, DC

ICC Debate

You are invited to Debate on the International Criminal Court in Africa, with emphasis on the Kenyan cases to be held at American University on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. This event is a joint project of the Council on Africa Studies at American University, the Africa Initiative, the American Bar Association and East Africa Washington Program (EAWP.) We anticipate an interesting debate considering the turns and twists in the Kenyan cases. The panelists are experts in their own fields. They include:  The Hon. Koki Muli, Deputy Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations  Michael S. Greco, former president,…

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What nasty rumors on Kenyan blogs did to 19 year old Nairobi girl


Vannessa Cherutto, whose name has been trending on social media for the wrong reasons, has denied claims that she is a 16-year-old famme fatale who dates an 80-year-old white man, infects Nairobi husbands with HIV and stars in sex orgies in the city. Terming the stories as ‘malicious,’ Vannessa who drove to our offices in a brand new Subaru to set the record straight, said she is a 19-year-old sales consultant with a leading firm in town, and that she is currently studying for a diploma in Business Management. “I am not dating an 80-year-old mzungu. I work so hard…

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Kenya’s wealthiest political dynasties


People with political connections control more than 50 per cent of the Kenya’s wealth that is owned by individuals, a new report has shown. Highlighting this as one of the factors that could negatively impact on Kenya economic growth in future, the Wealth in Kenya 2014 report says that a common thread running through almost all the dollar millionaires is their political connections as well as their ownership of large tracts of land. The list of the wealthy political dynasties and billionaire landowners reflects Kenya’s top political leadership. However, the report does not give details about how their wealth was…

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Uhuru, Ruto slowly killing ICC, research shows


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are slowly killing off the ICC, according to the latest research published in the Journal of East African studies. The research by Susanne Mueller says their pairing in the 2013 presidential elections was calculated at insulating them against ICC while emasculating the Hague-based court. The journal is titled “Kenya and the ICC: Politics, election and the law”. It says Uhuru and Ruto employed strategies to delay their cases until they took power through an election largely defined by their cases. It says since they took over power, the court has had to…

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[VIDEO] Pastor Found Dead at Woman’s House in BuruBuru

[VIDEO] Pastor Found Dead at Woman’s House in BuruBuru

A man believed to be a pastor was on Tuesday night found dead at a woman’s house in Nairobi’s BuruBuru area. It is alleged that the man was having a good time with the woman. But the woman denies the claims, saying he had gone to pray for her, when he felt tired and requested to rest on her bed.

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Researchers working on social media ‘lie detector’


London: England: University researchers are working on a system that could quash rumours spreading on social media by identifying whether information is accurate. Five European universities, led by Sheffield in northern England, are cooperating on a system that could automatically identify whether a rumour originates from a reliable source and can be verified. The researchers said Tuesday they hope the system will allow governments, emergency services, media and the private sector to respond more effectively to claims emerging and spreading on social media before they get out of hand. The three-year, European Union-funded project, called PHEME, is an attempt to filter…

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