February 13, 2016

[VIDEO] Kenyan Man Hires Luxury Motorcade To Ferry Wife, Newborn Child Home


A convoy of sparkling top of the range vehicles is not your everyday way of picking a new born baby and its mother from hospital. But if you have a big wallet and well-to-do friends like Eric Macakiage, this is the perfect way of welcoming a first born baby to the world. And as Evelyne Wambui reports, Eric’s startling move has attracted praise and criticism in equal measure.

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[VIDEO] Ebola patients from Africa may come to the US to seek treatment from withdoctors instead of hospitals, says Fox News host


A Fox News host Andrea Tantaros today claimed that Africans traveling to the United States who may possibly be infected with the Ebola virus won’t go to hospitals, but instead seek out witch doctors for treatment. “We may see people getting on flights saying they haven’t come in contact with anybody and maybe they have because they want treatment in the US. We are not equipped to handle this, and at the time we should be preparing the President was dancing in Martha’s Vineyard and assuring us this would never happen. I’ll say it before, I’ll say it again —…

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Liberia to Prosecute Man Who Brought Ebola to United States


Liberia plans to prosecute the airline passenger who brought Ebola into the U.S., alleging that he lied on an airport questionnaire about not having any contact with an infected person, authorities said Thursday. Thomas Eric Duncan filled out a series of questions about his health and activities before leaving on his journey to Dallas. On a Sept. 19 form obtained by The Associated Press, he answered no to all of them. Among other questions, the form asked whether Duncan had cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of anyone who had died in an area affected by Ebola….

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[Photos] Kenyan man gives his newborn child a grand entrance by picking him from hospital in a limo


A Kenyan man had a grand entrance planned for his newborn baby. When you are hiring a taxi cab to go get your newborn baby, Jayden Cole Otieno’s dad was having none of that. He decided to go all out in welcoming his baby to the world outside of the hospital he was born in. Afterall, the Jayden Cole in the US is a celebrity. She is an actress from Los Angeles California who performed as Snow White in Orlando California and was a teenage dancer. So why not for the Kenya Jayden Cole? Deadbeat Kenya has nothing on this…

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[Photos] DFW community bids goodbye to Baby Zee

Baby Zee

The DFW community over the weekend said goodbye to Zarah Njeri Kimotho fondly known as Zee. An emotional yet warm send of Zee was held at the Upendo Baptist Church on Saturday. Members of various DFW Kenyan churches gathered together in a way reminiscent of how little Zee brought the community together. The memorial service included tributes to Zee from adults and kids as well. One of the most compelling and probably the most emotional of the tributes was from a family friend Maggie Koinange. She recalled how Zee loved dancing and would always ask her to dance with her….

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Kenyan in California pens a book “Picking up the pieces”


Beatrice Wambui Njuguna has always found time to post inspirational messages on Facebook which has now lead her to write a book. Wambui was used to posting messages on Facebook and at first she never did it for any particular reason. She wrote for the sake of writing. For the most part she says it was just a way of expressing herself and exercising the little lingual skills she had acquired over the years. Wambui also says that the other reason she would write is probably because she got fascinated recording events, feelings, emotions or even intentions that have showed up…

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Homeless Kenyan man in US appeals for help to return


A man who has lived in North America for 46 years now says he has had enough and would like to come back to Kenya to be with his family. Timothy Majanja, 67, left Kenya for Canada in 1968 and now lives in squalor in the United States after losing his job 21 years ago. Speaking to the Nation in Atlanta on Thursday, Mr Majanja said he moved to the state of Georgia in the United States in 1993. “I have been leading a miserable life here and it is high time I left this country,” he said in an…

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President Kenyatta to address ICC judges next week


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta will seek to address the ICC judges over his suspended trial when he appears at The Hague next Wednesday. Yesterday, Uhuru’s ICC lawyers and political advisers were scheduled to meet and discuss the implications of Tuesday’s decision. Sources said there is agreement that arrangements should be made for the President to travel to The Hague. “Defying the court may put the country in an awkward position as the President had already committed in writing to attend all sessions when required by the Court to do so,” one source said. According to sources, the President will seek to…

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Shock as 7 Women Raped, Robbed in Nairobi Matatu


Nairobi public service commuters will be shocked by gory details of a horrendous car-jacking ordeal in which seven women were robbed and raped by brutal gangsters who forced them to take spiked drinks. The passengers, who were being treated on Tuesday at a Nairobi hospital and three men who were treated and discharged, were subjected to a dreadful attack in which they lost money and personal items, before the women were raped by thugs who commandeered a matatu from the city centre to Dandora estate. In what could be a scary pointer to a new tactic by carjackers to subdue…

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Wife of Kenyan arrested on terrorism charges starts ‘GoFundMe’ account to free her husband


The wife of Jacob Muriithi, the 30-year-old Oklahoma City man [and native of Kenya] who was arrested for allegedly threatening to behead his coworker last week, has created a GoFundMe account to free her husband—who she claims is not a Muslim but a devoted Catholic. The page created by Hollie Muriithi has requested tenthousand dollars in donations and insists Jacob is innocent: Hello everyone! I am here asking for your support to help bring my husband and the father of our child back home. He was taken into custody, and is being charged as of right now as an muslim terriost. We all know this is not for we are devoted Catholics and…

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