December 19, 2014

Americans favour Kenya among African nations


Kenya emerges with the brightest reputation among four African nations included in a public opinion survey recently conducted in the United States. Read (US firm ranks Kenya as ‘failed state’ despite peaceful poll) The results suggest that Kenya’s image among Americans has not been substantially harmed by the largely negative news coverage of the country in the US media in recent years. The survey of 465 US citizens in 40 states was carried out in late April by Dane Kiambi as part of a PhD dissertation at Texas Tech University. Mr Kiambi, a native of Kenya, was subsequently awarded a…

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‘I killed Rasta, Wanugu and Wacucu, then my colleagues came for me’


Meet Daniel Seronei. He was once the Rambo, Commando and Chuck Norris — all combined — of Kenya’s crime busting efforts. Today at 49, he is a pale shadow of himself. We are in a shady hotel in a dusty town near the Kenya-Tanzania border, where I have tracked him. Seronei looks around nervously, his eyes darting left and right. “I don’t like sticking in the same place for long,” he proclaims, taking one more suspicious sweep of the place. He is tall, slender and dark, but a sickly man, his face aged by ordeal. He wears dark sunglasses. The sun set hours…

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Passengers furious after Kenya Airways hitch in Europe


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 6 – Passengers on a Kenya Airways flight that was earlier diverted to Athens after a fire warning in the cargo hold have protested at treatment they got from the airline, even as it emerged that they would stay longer in Greece. The passengers, some of who tweeted the events from Athens, complained that they were forced to sleep on the floor at the airport due to lack of visas to allow them leave the airport for hotels. One of them Muthoni Ndonga @muthoniDQ said: “We have been on the floor/seats since 5:30AM. There are unaccompanied minors&travelers…

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Health Secretary James Macharia put in the spotlight over Sh80m alleged bank fraud


NAIROBI, KENYA: The CID  is investigating a case in which the Ministry of Health lost  more than Sh80  million allegedly deposited in a local bank where the Health Cabinet Secretary was the managing director. The ministry lost Sh80,923,440 under the East African Public Health Laboratory Networking Project (EAPHLNP),  allegedly deposited at the NIC bankwhere the Health Secretary James Macharia headed before taking up the new post. In letters seen by  The Standard On Sunday, the ministry  alleges that the money was fraudulently transfered from its accounts in late April to pay some five strange creditors whom it had not engaged. The fraud came to light on May 8,…

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The gallant spirit Moi killed in detention


You can’t ask for a better place to contemplate creation’s beauty than to recline on a garden sofa and gaze at the earth, the sky and the sea at Safari Beach Hotel in Kenya’s South Coast. It is soothing, and it inspires introspection, just allowing the soft breeze to massage your skin as you listen to the music of the palms in the wind. The waves rise and fall, making music of their own, and they come from the distant horizon where the sky touches the sea. A few metres away from the soft sands of the beach, fishing boats…

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Video: Kethi’s listing a fraud, done with stolen slip — IEBC


The scrutiny of the master register to establish if Kethi Kilonzo is a registered voter has shown that her name is missing. That means that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) does not have Ms Kilonzo on its register, yet it cleared her to vie in the July 22 by-election in Makueni County. Wiper Democratic Party lawyer TJ Kajwang had sought to have the three Green Books presented in court and scrutinised to confirm that Ms Kilonzo was a registered voter at the NCC Hall in Karen. But after painstaking look at the three books on Saturday evening by…

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Is she Africa’s Oprah Winfrey? Nigerian woman launches first black entertainment TV


A woman who could be considered Africa’s Oprah Winfrey is launching an entertainment network that will be beamed into nearly every country on the continent with programs showcasing its burgeoning middle class. Mosunmola “Mo” Abudu wants EbonyLife TV to inspire Africans and the rest of the world, and change how viewers perceive the continent. The network’s programming tackles women’s daily life subjects — everything from sex tips to skin bleaching. “Not every African woman has a pile of wood on her head and a baby strapped to her back!” the glamorous 48-year-old told The Associated Press from a hotel’s penthouse…

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Real estate booms in Thika


Everyday hundreds of people travel to Nairobi from Thika to earn their daily bread. The construction of the Thika superhighway and proximity to Nairobi has made the industrial town in Kiambu County an attractive investment destination. Many are willing to invest in this town, located North East of Nairobi, and slowly it is becoming one of the most popular developers destination who are willing to put up multi-million-shilling investment projects. Ben Woodhams, Knight Frank MD , says investors are heading north as Nairobi rapidly expands. Although some are moving west to places like Kangemi, north is no doubt the best…

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Pastor slashed by machete in Mwea after being caught with another man’s wife in a rice plantation


There was drama at a village in Mwea after a pastor was caught red-handed with another man’s wife. The two were caught at a rice plantation by the cheating wife’s husband who in anger slashed the pastor with a machete, seriously injuring him. A woman who was going about her businesses at her farm saw the two in wild intimacy and alerted the woman’s husband. Armed with a machete, the man ran to the farm and immediately set down to hack the pastor.  The Standard

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Nine types of Kenyan men


Hallo men, one of us has left us. He was a former GSU officer. No, he didn’t die of a bullet or a stray object hurled at him by a University of Nairobi student. That would have been an honourable GSU death. Oh no, he didn’t die of old age either, that would have been natural. This officer was not made famous by his prowess at one of Kenya’s most feared unit. Far from it; we came to know of him through his amorous dip-sticking of one of Kenya’s most admired former cabinet minister’s oil tank. He was embroiled in…

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