February 1, 2015

Emmy Kosgei: My Nigerian Man Treats Me Like a Queen


Gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei’s engagement to a Nigerian pastor has been the talk of town for almost a month now. Emmy is set to tie the knot with the Revival AssemblyChurch head pastor, Anselm Madubuko. This is just a year since the Nigerian lost his wife of over 20 years. The announcement has attracted various reactions, with some people speculating that the pastor is too old for Emmy. But speaking to The Nairobian this week, she has strongly defended the man, who is a self-confessed former playboy and cultist. “Do not panic for me, I’m a grown up. I’m sorry but I could…

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Kenya’s soft insurgency

kia fire

Some weeks ago a Cabinet Secretary tried to address belligerent mourners at a funeral in Kisii and was shouted down even when forced to revert to his native tongue in an attempt to calm them. Government officials who tried to address members of the Maasai community who’d been evicted from their homes in Naivasha met a similarly hostile reception and were forced to beat a hasty retreat. This was followed not long after by a by-election in Makueni in what was Eastern Province, where a CORD candidate who had campaigned for merely four days and won over 90 percent of…

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Raila Odinga gives his candid views on devolution and new system of Government


What is your view over the on going debate about reversing devolved functions including those of constructing county roads to the Central Government and its impact on devolution? We are told that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. We also know what happenedonce can happen twice. I think Kenyans need to be on the lookout because there are clear signs that we could be heading back to 1964 when devolution was killed. The parallels are too strong to be ignored. In 1964, it began with Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta declaring that Kenya is a unitary…

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Kaloleni “ololoo” where the mighty once lived


Popularly known as Ololoo, Nairobi’s Kaloleni Estate’s history dates back to the colonial era. Well, there is a lot about this estate. Famous personalities like Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboya and former Ugandan President Milton Obote have one thing in common. They at one point convened various social and political meetings there. A resident, Moses Ouma, said  Obote and Mboya lived in Kaloleni. Mboya lived in a two-roomed house in Kaloleni Z1 near the City Stadium. “This is a very important estate to us. We are proud to be associated with big names from this country and beyond,”…

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Kenyan Church rebukes comedian Eric Omondi for taking a joke too far


Comedy is fast rising in Kenya and consequently, comedians are getting a harder time coming up with fresh jokes. It is no wonder Eric Omondi recently got heavy criticism for overstepping what according to many are his boundaries. During a recent comedy show that was also televised, Eric made a comic strip where he was in Kisumu and aping Jesus, he pretended to turn stones into bread. He then asked his ‘disciples’ to bring fish, which he then proceeded to multiply as well. But Nairobi Pentecostal Church where he is a member did not buy the joke. Members felt he was taking a joke too far…

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‘Fat’ Uhuru Kenyatta presidential escort boss moved in reshuffle


The head of the presidential escort, Wanjohi Mwangi, and his deputy have been replaced. Wanjohi’s transfer comes four months after President Uhuru expressed concerns that he is not “physically fit” for his duties, highly placed police sources who cannot be identified said. He has been replaced by Edward Njoroge Mbugua who until recently was the Mombasa county police commander. Wanjohi has been redeployed to the firearms unit. His deputy, Charles Kinoti Narangwi, has been replaced by Mohammed Omar Bashane, who was the third in command at the Presidential Escort Recce unit. Narangwi is now the Nyanza police boss. It is…

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VIDEO: What is life like for Kenyans in the US?


Kenyans living in the United States have been in the headlines lately, albeit for the wrong reasons. Barely a week passes without news of a Kenyan who has either been murdered, committed suicide or involved in the killing of a fellow Kenyan. In the last two months, at least 10 Kenyans have either died or been involved in bizarre incidents resulting in other people’s deaths. Larry Madowo sought out to find why this is happening. He spoke to former Kenya ambassador to the US Elkanah Odembo.

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CNN Video: Kenyans in St Louis, MO sit in program aimed to attract immigrants to city


Saint Louis has far fewer immigrants than other American cities of its size. Now, a program called the Mosaic Project is trying to change that. A number of Kenyans immigrants are part of the program. They include Geoffrey Soiyantet, Pastor Paul Macharia, Pastor Joseph Gaithitu, Steven Okumu and many others. St. Louis City executive Charley Dooley and Mayor Francis Slay are spearheading the program. CNN’s Tom Foreman has the story.

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Drama as Police in Madrid, Spain stop Kenyan pupils from helping beggars in the streets


There was drama in old town of Madrid in Spain when police officers thwarted beggars seeking to benefit from Kenyan students. Uniformed officers and patrol cars surrounded the area as students and tourists who had gone there for an organized soccer tour. Attempts by philanthropicKenyans to reach out to beggars was halted shortly after the officers issued veiled warnings against offering freebies along Madrid. Some officers demanded certification from beggars warranting begging on the street. Teachers and the hosts momentarily shielded the children off the beggars even as they kept pursuing them in numbers with bowls. Raira Group of Schools team leader, Naomi Mbugua, quickly intervened as innocent…

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Safaricom staff earned salaries and benefits totalling Sh8.4 billion last year


SAFARICOM spent close to Sh8.4 billion as salaries and benefits to its employees in the year ended March 31, 2013, the annual report to be presented to its shareholders next month shows. The amount is equivalent to what the government allocated to all irrigation projects in the country in the  current budget and is 11.7 per cent higher than the Sh7.51 billion paid out by the largest telecommunication company in the region in 2011. Apart from the monthly salaries, the company spent the billions in short and long-term incentives and contributions to pension funds and medical aid schemes. More than…

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