March 2, 2015

ICC judges unhappy with Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda


Judges of the ICC have expressed displeasure with the prosecution’s lack of preparedness for the trial of Deputy President William Ruto after the proceedings were abruptly postponed. The International Criminal Court ( ICC) trial in Case One involving Ruto and journalist Joshua arap Sang was adjourned a day after it began because the prosecution was not ready to call the first witness. Presiding Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji termed it “a shame” that ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had no witness to take to the stand yet the court had been ready toproceed. “It’s a shame really because we were hoping to proceed today, but that is…

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Comedy of errors in Kenya’s first high profile kidnapping


Who are Kenya’s dumbest gangsters? The jury is still out. But a gang that kidnapped a Nairobi tycoon in 1998 could easily grab the top spot. Three people – a computer programmer, a university graduate and a tycoon’s former employee – committed what is arguably Kenya’s first high profile kidnapping, and regretted it. Abdul Karim Popat, then chairman of Simba Colt Motors and Imperial Bank, did not consider himself a very rich man. But the three thought they could easily get a Sh200 million ransom when they seized him and holed up in a home in the leafy Karen neighbourhood. Although they were unemployed, Alois Kimani,…

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Nairobi County plans to lock heavy trucks out of city


The Nairobi County is planning to ban heavy commercial trucks from using the Central Business District in a bid to decongest the city as well as reduce the wear and tear of city roads. Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero on Wednesday said the county is planning a law that would limit trucks weighing over 15 tonnes from using roads within the CBD. This would mean that traders – including large retailers and petrol stations – operating in town might be forced to use light commercial trucks, an inconvenience as they would need to do more round trips for delivery of goods that would have…

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Discovery Of Massive Aquifers Could Be Game Changer For Kenya


-Satellite imagery and seismic data have identified two huge underground aquifers in Kenya’s drought-prone north, a discovery that could be “a game changer” for the country, NPR’s Gregory Warner reports. The aquifers, located hundreds of feet underground in the Turkana region that borders Ethiopia and South Sudan, contain billions of gallons of water, according to UNESCO, which confirmed the existence of the subterranean lakes discovered with the help of a French company using technology originally designed to reveal oil deposits. The Lotikipi Basin Aquifer is located west of Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake, which nonetheless contains alkaline…

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Bahrain based athlete “John Yego” charged with defilement


International athlete John Yego, who is also known as Belal Mansoor, was on Wednesday charged before a Kapsabet Court with defiling a school girl . Yego, who runs the 800m for Bahrain, was charged with defiling the 17-year-old girl and faced a second count of indecently assaulting her. The charge against Yego stated that he committed the offence on June 2, 2013 at Tilarwa village in Nandi Central district. Yego denied the charge before the Kapsabet Senior Resident Magistrate Mr Benjamin Limo. Lawyer Lorene Isiaho who is watching brief for the girl, asked the court to direct the athlete to…

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Babies die as Pumwani Maternity Hospital strike rages


Four of 16 pre-term babies referred to Kenyatta National Hospital from Pumwani Maternity died on Tuesday from low birth weight and other congenital complications. This came about as Kenya’s biggest maternity hospital remained shut for the seventh day following a pay dispute with workers. The news of the deaths was released by KNH’s communications manager, Mr Simon Ithai. The stand-off at Pumwani , which delivers 80 babies daily, has seen expectant women going to Kenyatta National Hospital, Mbagathi  Hospital and Mama Lucy Hospital in Umoja. When the Nation visited the 354-bed Pumwani Maternity Hospital, the wards were deserted as the…

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Video: Dropped ICC witnesses were ‘coached’ to fix Ruto


Two former ICC prosecution witnesses have revealed details of how they were coached by the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP)  to give false accounts against Deputy President William Ruto and his co-accused Joshua arap Sang. The witnesses revealed how they were coached not to use words such as ‘tried’, ‘really’, ‘recall’, ‘all I can say’, ‘sometimes’ and ‘I believe so’ when being cross-examined so as to convince the judges. One of the witnesses, Samuel Kosgei, explained how they were also told not to hesitate, scratch their noses, touch the back of their ears, faces or neck when being cross-examined because…

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Kenyan children having sex as early as 10-years-old


A new survey shows that Kenyan children are starting to have sex as early as 10-years-old, with girls having more of it. And by about age 20, there is virtually no virgin among both genders. Also a high number of Kenyans are still engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour thereby exposing themselves to HIV infection, according to a new national report on the status of HIV, which involved 9,189 households in all regions of Kenya, except North Eastern. Condoms use The study indicates that despite high awareness about HIV, only about 11 per cent of women and less than a 50…

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DP Ruto’s lawyer Khan punches holes into prosecution’s ICC case


Lawyer for Deputy President William Ruto, Karim Khan has faulted the manner in which the investigations that led to the confirmation of charges against his client were conducted. Khan while making his opening statement at the commencement of the trial for DP Ruto and his co-accused Joshua Arap Sang said that accusations against Ruto had been being leveled long before the International Criminal Court had been given the go-ahead to investigate the circumstances surrounding the 2007-2008 post election violence. Khan added that Ruto has been waiting a long time to clear his name and that his passion is testament to…

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A requiem for Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero’s political career


Evans Kidero, the Governor of Nairobi in the clutches of a woman-beating scandal, last weekend missed an opportunity to rescue his political career. First, he suffered memory loss and could not remember slapping anybody. Then he recovered from his initial shock and crossed the town to report at the Central Police Station that he had indeed been slapped by Nairobi Women’s Representative Rachel Shebesh. By Saturday morning, having reviewed amateur video footage of the slap, Mr Kidero had made sufficient and full recovery to instruct his County Executive Secretary for Information, Communication and e-Government to issue a statement. In it,…

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