July 7, 2015

Kenya arrests peddlers of banned US movie ” Wolf of Wall Street”

Pirated DVDs

Dozens of pirate DVD traders have been arrested in Kenya for selling banned copies of The Wolf of Wall Street, Kenya’s film censors told the BBC. Kenya Film Classification Board banned the Oscar-nominated film in January for its “extreme scenes of nudity, sex, debauchery, hedonism and cursing”. But many Kenyans have already watched it on pirated copies sold in small DVD shops for about $0.57 (£0.35). Those arrested could face a fine of up to $1,160 or several years in jail. The new Martin Scorsese film is about the stockbroker Jordan Belfort and his real-life rise and fall in the…

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Why Kiambu public school sent a record 72 pupils to national schools


Githunguri Township Primary School has sent 72 out of its 116 candidates (62 per cent) who sat last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary School exams to national schools. Two pupils have been admitted to ex-county schools, 18 joined county schools and 24 were admitted to sub-county schools, says Elizabeth Maina, the school’s headteacher. However, the parents of Ng’ang’a Edwin Gichoya, who was admitted at Nakuru High School, could not raise enough funds to meet the fees, prompting the headteacher to conducted an emergency funds drive in the school community which assisted the boy to join his school of choice on…

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A life of tragedies: Married at 19, widowed at 23


Monica Kamene Leshampta got married when she was 19 and was already a widow at the age of 23. Her son from the marriage died four months after her husband’s death and a string of other mishaps left her a social reject, a bad omen. Monica soldiered on, learning important lessons along the way. The graduate teacher shared her experience with MWAURA MUIGANA. “I was in form one at the then mixed Ofafa Jericho Secondary School in Nairobi in 1981 when boys from the neighbouring Aquinas High visited our school for a volleyball match. One of their teacher’s, John Leshampta,…

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Francis Kimemia acted alone on US memo


THE alleged plot by the United States to topple the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta was not on the agenda of the National Security Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday, according to insider sources. The seven person committee focused mainly on internal security issues and did not specifically discuss how the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) planned to topple Uhuru using activists. The sources said Cabinet Secretary Francis Kimemia sent out the statement unilaterally following the Wednesday meeting at Harambee House. The statement from NSAC chairman Kimemia asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “urgently summon USAID officials with…

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Hewlett Packard (HP) appeals against the award of the laptops tender to Indian firm


COMPUTER manufacturer Hewlett Packard yesterday went to the PPOA to file an appeal against the award of the laptops tender to Indian firm Olive. Last Friday Education secretary Jacob Kaimenyi awarded Olive a Sh24.6 billion tender to supply 1.2 million laptops to this year’s P1 school entrants. Chinese company Haier and HP were the other two companies shortlisted to supply the laptops. They are disgruntled because the tender specified that the supplier should be an ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’, meaning that the supplier should have its own factory. They claim that Olive does not have its own factory so it cannot…

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Kenya’s first female Governor assures she is equal to the task


New Embu governor Dorothy Nditi on Saturday took over office and promised to help mend differences between the county assembly and the executive. She said she was not celebrating the ouster of Mr Martin Wambora since they were challenging the impeachment by the county assembly together. “As per the law the deputy takes over if the governor is impeached. Rather than celebrate a part of me is saddened by the removal of Governor Wambora because we were fighting as a team. Mr Wambora said he would move to court and I hope he gets reprieve but at the moment I…

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Death stops Kenyan couple’s grand Valentine’s plan


He planned to surprise his wife with a car to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But both died in an accident on Wednesday morning, cutting short a union that relatives described as blissful. Mr Alex Mbijjiwe, 35, had arrived back home early this week from Congo, where he works as an engineer, with big plans for yesterday’s lovers’ day. According to his relatives, the father of three had planned to surprise his wife, Mrs Gakii Mbijjiwe, with a car as a Valentine’s gift. And so when he arrived in Nairobi from his base in Kinshasa, where he worked as a hydraulic expert…

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UK sets terms for Deya extradition to Kenya


The United Kingdom will extradite self-proclaimed miracle evangelist Gilbert Deya on the condition that he is held at either of the two Kenyan maximum prisons. Britain also wants the government to give the assurances in a sworn affidavit before it begins the process of extraditing Bishop Deya who is wanted over child trafficking charges. In a note sent to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the UK wants Bishop Deya who has also been tried in London on charges of rape, to be remanded at the Kamiti Special Unit in Nairobi. And should he be convicted, the UK insists that he be…

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‘Severed heads’ found at Nigerian restaurant ‘serving human flesh

File photo dated 16/01/2013 of two beef burgers as the Government is launching a wide-ranging review into the horse meat scandal to restore consumer confidence in the food they buy.

If you thought eating horse meat was bad, spare a thought for these diners. Two freshly severed human heads wrapped in cellophane were reportedly discovered at a hotel restaurant which served human flesh, according to a Nigerian newspaper.  Police officers apparently made the grim discovery after receiving a tip-off about the eatery in the state of Anambra, Nigeria. Authorities, who also seized two AK-47 guns and other weapons, said roasted human head was even on the menu, it has been reported. A pastor, who is thought to have visited the restaurant, is quoted as saying: ‘I went to the hotel early this year,…

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[VIDEO] Konza Technology City in Limbo

[VIDEO] Konza Technology City in Limbo

Fears are emerging that development of the much hyped Konza technology city is never going to be a reality. Leaders from Makueni county where the proposed city is located have called for intervention by the president.

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