September 2, 2015

[OP-ED] Don’t carry Royco to the US, and leave humor back home


If you’re ever travelling abroad, please pack clean underwear. Know-it-alls will tell you to never lose sight of your passport or to keep your return tickets nearby, but this is the single most important advice you’ll hear from anyone. The last thing you want is a uniformed stranger disapprovingly rummaging through your soiled undergarments while the passing masses judge you on their way out. In case any of that was confusing, let me summarise: pack clean underwear! Very important. Even more important, though, never bring Royco cubes into the United States. Royco and Ujimix. Let me explain. I mostly fly…

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[ANALYSIS] Why owning your home in Kenya isn’t always the cheaper option


Decent housing is a major challenge in a place like Nairobi. This is because demand is high against the backdrop of a rising populace and supply is not matching demand. This pushes the prices up. Some of us abhor renting houses, considering it a bad thing, while others want to own their houses, but aren’t ready to deal with the huge difficulties of building or buying one, especially where cash flow is a challenge. The markets in housing keep shifting but generally prices are constantly on the uptick mode. It may be ill-advised to own a home that has a…

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[OP-ED] Kenyans in the US may have to retire there


Unlike its predecessor, the current generation of Kenyans in USA is in a dug-in position: members have established homes, families, businesses and places of worship. For the most part immigrants before 1990s came to school and went back home. This new cohort has taken a new approach. There are no temporary camps anywhere. These folks have entrenched themselves into the fabric of the community far deeper than those who ventured before them. With almost zero unemployment rate, Kenyans in USA are known for their work ethic, some with one eye on code 254. According to our statistics, this might be the first generation to retire in USA.  To…

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[OP-ED] Attractive investment options can unlock more diaspora funds


The Kenyan diaspora has tremendous potential to bring in more remittance inflow if all factors are spruced in creating an enabling environment for investment. Kenya, just like any other country, has a good number of her citizens living in other countries or continents, estimated to be around three million or slightly more. They are mostly professionals in specialised fields like medicine, accountancy and audit, legal, banking and education, among others. Estimates reflect at least 80 per cent are in the employment sector while the remaining are students. This means that close to 10 per cent of the population is making…

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[OP-ED} Obama in Kenya: Channeling America’s response to Chicago’s Al Capone


President Barack Obama’s plane had barely left the Kenyan airspace when government and opposition spinmeisters took to the air to spin and characterize the just-concluded 3-day visit to his father’s country of birth. Devolution Secretary Ann Waiguru who has been in the news for the high-level corruption President Obama talked about couldn’t help herself. Said the woman at the center of yet another cash grab implicating government officials: “The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) placed Kenya ‘back’ on the global map as a favorite investment destination in Africa.” It was a rare admission from a government official that Kenya had indeed…

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Reasons Kenyans in the Diaspora give for not getting life insurance for their famiies

Life Insurance

By Patrick Ng’ang’a, MBA As an insurance agent I help people enroll in Obamacare and Life insurance policies at no charge. I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about buying life insurance after a community leader in Dallas, TX took me to task for not being ‘aggressive’ in bringing life insurance awareness to our community. I thought about it and realised it’s the responsibility of every community leader, religious leader, friend, spouse and even ourselves to make sure we get life insurance. I have been urging folks to get it, but for every 10 people I talk to,…

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Why the next US president should focus on Kenya after Obama’s visit

UNITED STATES - JUNE 16:  Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, speaks at a session during the National Summit in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., on Tuesday, June 16, 2009. The summit, hosted by the Detroit Economic Club, runs until June 17.  (Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The story of Barack Obama’s trip to Africa has largely been written as an historic homecoming. It’s so much more than that, though, and the next president should continue to make better relations with Kenya a priority. That’s in part, because it is Kenya, not the traditional African powerhouses Nigeria and South Africa, that is best positioned to provide the continent with some much-needed leadership in years to come. Here’s why: First, Kenya is a leader in East Africa and a critical ally in the war on terrorism. Its ability to monitor threats and gather intelligence in innovative ways, primarily…

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[OP-ED] The Charleston Massacre – Dog Whistling Taken to Its Violent Conclusion


So once again America wakes up to another incident of mass shooting that takes innocent lives and leaves in its wake widows and widowers not to mention children forced to grow up without a parent. In this latest incident of wanton violence, avowed white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof, whose media images show him sporting apartheid-era symbols of hatred and racial intolerance, walks into a historic black church in South Carolina, seats in on a weekly prayer meeting for about an hour then opens fire on unsuspecting worshippers killing nine and wounding others. The young man is quoted regurgitating the puerile…

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[OP-ED] Mwito wa Rais Kenyatta kusuhu misaada Afrika


Shinikizo ya rais Uhuru Kenyatta kwamba Afrika haitakiwi kutegemea misaada haifanikishi ukweli wa historia ya misaada kwa mataifa yaliyofilisishwa. Ya kwanza ni kwamba misaada yote sio sawa. Kuna mikopo zilizo na riba, mikopo zisizo na riba na mikopo zinatotolewa bila madhumini ya aliyekopa kulipa. Inategemea ni misaada gani inaangaziwa. La pili ni kwamba mataifa yaliyostawi yamefunga soko zao kwa mazao ya kutoka Afrika. Mazoa ya Afrika hayawezi kupenya uchumi za mataifa tajiri kwa sababu ya ruzuku zinazotolewa na mataifa tajiri kwa sekta tofauti za uchumi zao kama madini na ukulima. La tatu ni kwamba misaada ndio iliyostawisha Ulaya na Japan…

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Let’s Talk Family, Diaspora: How to Pray for a Wayward Spouse.


By Pastor Patrick Kariuki Sister, don’t throw your husband under the bus, pray for him. Brother, bend your knee to God before you drag the mother of your children to a nasty divorce court. God hates divorce, whatever the circumstances and no matter how easy the lawyers make it sound. Love is as strong as death says the good book, and I want to encourage you to fight for love. I know for sure that if there is one area where the devil will relentlessly attack, it is in the area of marriage. I don’t know what you are going…

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