June 30, 2015

[OP-ED] And You Thought All Kenyans Were Alike: Misconceptions Kenyans Have of One Another


This listing is a compilation of responses to a list I started after reading the article “Misconceptions Foreigners Have About Kenyans” that appeared on the blogsite Mwakilishi which in turn sourced it from the site travelstart.co.ke. My list is far from complete or comprehensive but it is a start. I want to recognize MLACHAKE, ALBUM, Hezron, Kenya, and THOMD for their contributions to the list in the very spirit that I started it with: Honestly, openly and respectfully. While I realize that the article by travelstart.co.ke was, in the words of Kajuju, supposed to “build our (Kenya’s) image from common…

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[OP-ED] New Kenyan law is a stumbling block for Diasporans wishing to wed in Kenya


There is a debate going on mainly on the social media about a new Kenyan law that requires a couple to present themselves at the AG’s office 21 days before their wedding date. According to this new law, one is required to present copies of ID and  certification of the presiding minister. The Diaspora Kenyans view the law as very impractical especially if both the man and the woman reside in the Diaspora, which is the case more often than not. It is a dream of many Kenyans in Diaspora to have their Dream Wedding in their motherland and with…

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[OP-ED] Uhuru Kenyatta Criticized the West in the Past, Now He Wants Their Help


After perfecting the tried but tired “blame-the-foreigners” meme that some in the diaspora accuse African-Americans of doing while preaching nationalism and Pan-Africanism, President Uhuru Kenyatta jettisoned said pride and jingoism by seeking help from the same wazungu – Tony Blair and John Podesta – to help Kenya “deliver” on its flagship projects and burnish its tattered international image respectively. In an admission that choices do indeed have consequences, Mr. Kenyatta sought the services of the powerful lobbying outfit the Podesta Group led by Obama staffer and Beltway insider John Podesta to polish the image of a country that displayed classic…

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[OP-ED] Going to Kenya Is a Dumb Idea, Mr. President


This week, Secretary of State John Kerry paid a welcome, quick and clandestine visit to troubled Somalia after a short, heavily protected stop in Kenya. But that doesn’t make President Obama’s plan to visit Kenya in July any less misconceived or dangerous. To uphold the dignity of his office, and for the good of Kenyans, President Obama should postpone until after he leaves the White House his very understandable desire to visit the homeland of his father. Does President Obama really want to be forced, inevitably, to be the state guest of a country where the sitting president and vice-president,…

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[COMMENTARY] Nerea, have your baby for you, not for Sauti Sol


Nerea, have your baby for you, not for Sauti Sol Dear Nerea, I know by now you are probably having sores in your ears because of the ‘noise’ being made by Mr. Nerea. Sorry, I had to call him Mr. Nerea because he is not man enough to even own his own name. No wonder he is depending on your unborn baby to make one for himself. I heard it too, I heard the reason he gave for you to keep the baby and I must say I was disappointed. So if your baby does not turn out to be…

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[OP-ED] Xenophobia in South Africa. The Real Reasons Behind The Attacks…

8 of 17.

A mob on the rampage in Ramaphosa, Johannesburg.

Ladies and gentlemen, unjani? (How are you, in Zulu, a South African language) We have all read the newspapers, seen the online reports and videos of the violent, deadly attacks that have left scores of foreigners in South Africa dead and seriously injured. As an immigrant myself, these attacks touch the very core of who I am. What is the difference between the unfortunate immigrants and myself? Nothing! I consider myself to be very lucky. They were simply at the ‘wrong place’ at the wrong time…      Indigenous black South Africans are attacking other black Africans who just happen…

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Let’s Talk Family: Demystifying Diaspora Marriage Myths


“Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy” screamed a car sticker. “Marriage starts when she sinks into his arms and end with her arms in his sink” read another one. Memorable quotes, these ones, if only the grim statistics of marriages on life support or worse could tell a different story. Theories abound as to why thriving happy marriages are such a mirage, especially for many African (read Kenyan) immigrants here in America. I have lost count of the number of young, vivacious and confident adults who tell me “there is nobody to marry in Dallas”-…

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The Garissa Massacre: A synopsis


‘Oh God Of All Creation, Bless this Our Land And Nation, Justice Be Our Shield And Defender, May We Dwell In Unity, Peace And Liberty, Plenty Be Found Within Our Borders.’ (National Anthem Of The Republic Of Kenya, first stanza) I just started writing humorous tongue-in-cheek blogs that put a smile on those that are weary and heavy-laden. However, after the attacks at Garissa University College by Al Shabab operatives or terrorists on the morning of Thursday, 2nd April 2015, I have decided to write a more serious piece, a synopsis on the wretched unfathomable crimes against humanity that were committed by some murderous individuals that…

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[OP-ED] Women do indeed rule the world


“Favored Daughters of the King”.  Catchy right?  That’s the event, my apologies, the Royal Gala that I had the privilege of attending last Saturday at the Holiday Inn, 75 Central Dallas. And by all means it was a Royal Gala, all flare with no King in sight.  But tell you what; it was remarkable, joyous and uplifting. There’s nothing that brings life to a room, like presence.  Positive and energetic presence.   The  ball room all 5,000 square foot of it filled with an endless sight of beautifully adorned and clad, made up women.    Wonderful scents lingered in the…

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[OP-ED] Only a new city will save Nairobi from total collapse

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 11.55.23 AM

By Stephen Ndegwa In one of the most revolutionary moves by any government around the world, Egypt last weekend announced plans to abandon Cairo as its capital city by building a brand new Sh4 trillion ($45 billion) city. The town, which is envisaged to stretch 150 square miles and accommodate as many as seven million people, was hailed as “the catalyst for an Egyptian renaissance” and “a momentous endeavour to build national spirit, foster consensus and provide for the country’s sustainable long-term growth”. The ambitious project will be a public-private partnership with a top investor from the United Arab Emirates….

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