March 30, 2015

You want to calculate how much bride price to pay for your future wife? There is an app for that


Kenyans have been known to go an extra mile in being innovative. They are known to go an extra two miles in being innovative and funny. However on this one,Nigerians have been them to it with a funny app meant to be a joke. After a group a group in Nigeria called Anakle, came up with the BridePrice app, a web application which enables one to calculate how much in terms of cash and physical appearance you can pay for your bride, Kenyans have decided to come up with their own called Bride Price App Kenya to gauge how much it…

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Passwords you need to change after the outbreak of the Heartbleed bug


(CNN) — A major online security vulnerability dubbed “Heartbleed” could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails. Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, an open-source encryption technology that is used by an estimated two-thirds of Web servers. It is behind many HTTPS sites that collect personal or financial information. These sites are typically indicated by a lock icon in the browser to let site visitors know the information they’re sending online is hidden from prying eyes. Cybercriminals could exploit the bug to access visitors’ personal data as well as a site’s cryptographic keys, which can…

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Automated texts to your girlfriend? There’s an app for that


An app which sends “sweet texts” to the user’s girlfriend in order to give him more time to spend with “the bros” has gone on sale in the Android Play Store. The creators of BroApp, which launched on Sunday and costs £1.49 to download, claims it allows men to “outsource their relationships” by selecting the type of text they want to send their partner and when. “BroApp is a tool to help Bros out,” Australian developers Factorial Products Ltd. said in a release. “We know that people are busy and sometimes forget to send enough love to their partners. We invented…

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Kenyan students would strike Gold in US if they graduated in these courses


By Antony Karanja For those Kenyans who intend to study in the US and have a passion for Engineering, you will not be disappointed upon graduation. The jobs are in high demand and the pay is wroth looking forward to while in school. Engineering graduates have in the recent past stricken gold in the United States. This held true especially for those students who graduated in 2013. According to the January 2014 Survey of the National Association of Colleges and Students, a new graduate in the field of Petroleum Engineering earned an average starting salary of $97,000 (Sh8,245,000) a year. The…

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Researchers working on social media ‘lie detector’


London: England: University researchers are working on a system that could quash rumours spreading on social media by identifying whether information is accurate. Five European universities, led by Sheffield in northern England, are cooperating on a system that could automatically identify whether a rumour originates from a reliable source and can be verified. The researchers said Tuesday they hope the system will allow governments, emergency services, media and the private sector to respond more effectively to claims emerging and spreading on social media before they get out of hand. The three-year, European Union-funded project, called PHEME, is an attempt to filter…

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Giant Robots Direct Traffic In The Congo


Perhaps over-eager drivers will think twice about running red lights when faced with a hulking humanoid robot that can give them a ticket. Two new traffic robots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are doing just that. The two enormous solar-powered robots created by engineers from the Kinshasa Higher Institute of Applied Technique were recently placed at a busy intersection in the capital city. While they might look funny, the robots mean business. They direct traffic and they’re equipped with four cameras that record traffic flow and they have a system to send the info to a center where it’s…

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Photo of immigrants trying to get mobile signal to call home wins world photo award


A moonlit image of migrants trying to get mobile phone signals on a Djibouti beach on Friday won the World Press Photo of the Year award for US photographer John Stanmeyer. A 19-member jury awarded the prestigious prize for the haunting photograph of African migrants holding phones up to the sky to capture a signal so they can call home, as they make their way to a hoped-for better life in Europe. The awards, including two top prizes for AFP, were announced at a press conference in Amsterdam, where World Press Photo is based. “It’s a photo that is connected…

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A Kenyan in the US develops Mobile App for Church Sermons


By Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media “Kenya matters because it’s one of the places where the future of technology is coming into focus, where a generation of creative people are building the future, one experiment at a time.” These are words of an influential tech blogger and Harvard researcher Ethan Zuckerman after visiting Kenya in the late 2010. It is evidently clear Kenyans are very creative in using technology to scale up their imaginative businesses. Over the past half decade,Kenya has emerged seemingly from nowhere as a hotbed of innovation stirring a technological revolution. This creativity and tech enthusiasm is being replicated by…

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How T-Mobile’s New Mobile Banking to mirror Kenya’s MPESA


T-Mobile today announced its intentions to get into the business of providing banking services to its wireless customers, and any others who want an alternative to traditional banking accounts. The new platform will compete with, and also potentially boost, other, less-known mobile banking services, like those provided by a banking startup called Simple, for example, or Amex’s Serve. It’s not a new idea for a mobile carrier to get into the bank-by-phone business like T-Mobile is now doing  – Kenya’s M-PESA, launched in 2007, is probably one of the best known examples of how successful such a tie-up can become. Today, there are nearly 20 million…

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LG launches mosquito-repelling air conditioner in Kenya


LG Electronics (LGE) has today launched its latest residential air conditioner model, the Mosquito Away, in the Kenyan market. Specifically designed for the local market, the product incorporates an impressive function that uses ultrasonic waves to combat mosquitoes. “We believe that our new Mosquito Away air conditioner can provide true comfort to Kenya consumers,” said Mr. Joseph Kim, Managing Director of LG Electronics East Africa. “The challenge of designing a product able to provide an effective, non-toxic way of dealing with mosquitoes was one we were only too happy to meet. With ultrasonic wave technology, impressive cooling performance and low-voltage…

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