January 24, 2017

Google Kenya site hit by cyber-attack


Global technology giant Google has been the victim of a cyber-attack. On Monday morning, their Kenyan domain google.co.ke did not have the usual doodle and search bar, instead the page splayed a black background ‘hacked’ stamped in red across it. The hacker who identified himself as TiGER-M@TE also said that he was from Bangaldesh, a country in South East Asia. When a user visited the page the hacked screen spiraled in as some foreign music played in the background. News of the cyber-attack spread on social media causing the site’s to link shoot to the top of the trends. Social media users…

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Harvard team on a mission to light up Kenyan rural homes


Many Kenyans dream of getting their homes connected to the electric power grid. For many, this remains just that; a dream. But things may soon change if a team of engineers from Harvard University has its way. These engineers are determined to see rural homes across Kenya gain access to affordable power and clean water from wells and boreholes. One of the team experts, 26-year-old Sam Slaughter, the brains behind WindGen Power East Africa Limited, says the team aims to enable Kenyans to put the provision of energy in their own hands since access to electricity can transform the country….

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T-Mobile ends contracts, launches LTE and will sell iPhone 5 in April


In an event kicked off by a goofy commercial about a cowboy that’s tired of bossing people around, T-Mobileannounced it is ending service contracts, launching its LTE network and will start selling the iPhone 5 next month. T-Mobile said it will no longer offer annual contracts to consumers, and instead charge users month to month. “They’re dead. Gone. No more,” said Chief Executive John Legere at the event Tuesday morning in New York City. T-Mobile introduced the new Simple Choice Plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and data with up to 500 megabytes of high-speed data. The company will charge $50 a month…

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Kenya’s techies find low-cost innovations


Nairobi – Kenya’s smallholder farmers used to be at the mercy of middle-men traders, who would turn up at their rural districts and haggle down the prices of avocados, mangoes and other tropical cash crops. However, a new tool is putting information at their fingertips, making them more formidable negotiators. By sending simple text messages from a mobile phone, farmers can now access the latest price data for their wares and ward off bids they know are too low. Called M-Farm, the system is one of dozens of innovations to come out of Nairobi’s technology hub in recent years, aiming…

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Samsung GALAXY S III finally hits the stores in Kenya


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has launched the much-anticipated GALAXY S III in Kenya.   The Kenya launch is part of Samsung’s bid to maintain market leadership. Kenya is the second African country after South Africa to host the launch of the Galaxy SIII.   “The GALAXY S III enables the most seamless and human-centric mobile experience. We are very excited to finally bring this highly anticipated handset to Kenya”, said Samsung Electronics East Africa Business Leader Robert Ngeru, speaking during the launch.   The innovative smartphone is powered by Android™…

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Software testing seminar set for Nairobi

HomeTechnology Technology   Share Bookmark Print Email Rating These Internet users in a cyber-café may not be aware but they are exposed to cyber-crime that is now spreading to the mobile phone. A one-day seminar, with theme “Successful Banking Systems Implementation through Test Automation Performance Testing,” is targeted at financial institutions’ top managers drawn from Human Resource (HR) and IT among others. FILE  In Summary In most countries, over half of the costs associated with software errors are borne by software users and the remainder by software developers or vendors. Software testing firm, Tezza Solutions in partnership with IT services…

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Africa investors to meet in Kigali in March over cyber security

HomeTechnology Technology   Share Bookmark Print Email Rating Employees of the Korea Internet Security Centre work to protect hacker attacks in Seoul. Investors and governments officials in Africa will meet next month in Kigali, Rwanda to seek ways of taming the rising risk of cyber crime.   Investors and governments officials in Africa will meet next month in Kigali, Rwanda to seek ways of taming the rising risk of cyber crime. Cyber security experts such as Security Africa, and technology firms like Secure Payments Solutions (SPS) and IBM will meet various officials from the financial sector, law enforcement agencies and…

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Twitter revamps to connect the world‎

HomeTechnology Technology   Share Bookmark Print Email Rating Photo/FILE The Twitter overhaul completed on Thursday includes new Timeline that brings together all Twitter chatter or content related to a particular “tweet.”   SAN FRANCISCO, Friday Twitter on Thursday announced it has finished rolling out overhauled pages crafted to boost the appeal of the message-sharing service to users around the world. “At the very core there are fewer places you have to click and less you have to learn,” Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said as he and other executives unveiled the changes at the startup’s San Francisco headquarters in December. “We’ve done a lot of user testing and…

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Chinese firm in iPad row threatens to sue Apple in US

HomeTechnology Technology   Share Bookmark Print Email Rating Photo/FILE Apple last year took the firm to a Chinese court, claiming trademark infringement, but the court unexpectedly rejected the case over lack of evidence.  BEIJING, Friday A debt-laden Chinese computer firm embroiled in a copyright row with Apple over the iPad name on Friday threatened to sue the technology giant in the United States for $2 billion. Proview Technology (Shenzhen) says it owns the Chinese rights for the “iPad” trademark and its lawyers say they are seeking to prevent Apple from shipping the iconic tablet computers into and out of China — one of the…

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Reason the going won’t be smooth for Android

HomeTechnology Technology   Share Bookmark Print Email Rating Photo/FILE A T-Mobile G1 Google phone running Android. Google bought Android in 2005, shared it with a large number of device manufacturers and is listed as the project leader.   Last week, I wrote about the challenges that Android was facing. The responses that came pouring in were quite harsh. (READ: Android is doomed to fail unless…) So, this week, I have elected to clarify my position as it would appear that many people did not quite appreciate the facts as they were. Indeed, and also to my surprise, being a BlackBerry…

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