Danish police say Kenyan woman killed son before committing suicide

Fridah Rashida and her ten month old son, Kwanza were discovered on Saturday morning in the municipality of Gentofte.
Fridah Rashida and her ten month old son, Kwanza were discovered on Saturday morning in the municipality of Gentofte.

A Kenyan woman who found dead in Denmark alongside her 10 year old son apparently committed suicide after killing her baby.

Ms Fridah “Rashida” Shironya’s body was recovered at her house in Gentofte Municipality alongside her son Kwanza by her Danish husband who later called the police.

He was initially treated as a suspect before he was released after police concluded he was not involved in the deaths.

Police in the town of North Zealand say they came to the conclusion after an examination of her body.

“As part of the investigation, there has been autopsy of the deceased, as well as a number of technical examinations,” the police statement read.

“All of these studies show that the mother killed the little boy and then herself. Nordsjællands (North Zealand) Police wishes to emphasise that the man is beyond any suspicion on the matter,” the statement continued.

According to Kenya’s Daily Nation, Ms Shironya, who is in her 20s, had been working with the Teachers Service Commission in Nairobi and she flew to Denmark in July 2014 to live with her husband.

The couple met when he was working in Kenya with a global charitable organisation. She hails from Kakamega County.


According to several friend of Ms Shironya, she had expressed a fear of being deported back to Kenya even as she seemed to reach out regarding what she believed was abuse in the couple’s relationship.

“Just because a person doesn’t put hands on you, that doesn’t mean they aren’t abusive. Abuse is control, blatant disrespect, and also hurtful words,” she posted online on November 9.

She seemed concerned that she would have to be forced to go back to Kenya and wondered what would happen to her baby if she was.

A friend remember a conversation thy had before the deaths.

“But she told me, ‘I can’t do anything; I have a baby’. Then she started crying. That’s the painful part of it. She was like, ‘How can I leave a baby? The moment I step out of this house, I’ll be deported’.”

Ms Shironya later on sent the contacts of her mother to a friend living in the same neighborhood in Denmark.

A go-fund me drive started by her friends has by Saturday raised 50,043 Danish Krona, equivalent to Sh822,206.49.