DP Ruto terms Raila withdrawal as nullified, says his name will be on the ballot


Deputy President William Ruto has told NASA leader that his name will be included in the ballot on October 26 despite his withdrawal announcement.

He said that Raila’s withdrawal had been nullified with the court ruling that ordered the inclusion of Thirdway Alliance party presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot in the fresh elections.

Mr Ruto said that Mr Odinga was only pulling out of the race after sensing defeat and his withdrawal was just a stunt.

The DP pointed at the recent defections of a number of leaders from NASA to Jubilee saying that it was an indication that the opposition was slated for defeat.

“He wanted to avoid a humiliating defeat but the court today has ruled that all candidates, who participated in August 8 elections will be on the ballot. So he will not escape another defeat,” said the Deputy President.

The DP was referring to the High Court order to the IEBC to include Mr Aukot in the October 26 repeat election. The court also allowed all the other candidates who participated in the nullified election to participate in the fresh elections.

Mr Ruto scoffed at Mr Odinga’s claim that he won in the recent presidential election wondering why he was not willing to participate in the elections having made the claim .

“Mr Odinga, you had claimed you had won. Don’t run away. You have been given another chance,” Mr Ruto chided the Nasa leader.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta won the August 8 elections and will triumph again on October 26 with or without Nasa leader being on the ballot.

“They (opposition) have done their calculations and they know they cannot defeat Jubilee in the elections. All these high sounding words they are using are mere excuses,” the Deputy President said.

“We will not accept shortcuts to power. Whoever wants to lead Kenyans should subject himself to the people,” he added.