Eunice Juma, a Kenyan mum diagnozed with stage four cancer passes away in Lubbock, Texas


On the morning of May 11, 2017, the Ajimo family suffered a major loss. Surrounded by family and friends, Eunice Juma succumbed to her illness. The family was devastated when they had to say goodbye to Eunice all too soon. Eunice was a loving wife to Jacob and mother to four children Candy (15), Lily (12), JJ (7), and Kiki (3). She will be missed dearly by all.

This is an appeal for your prayers and financial support to this young Kenyan family.

With your support, Jacob will be able to transport Eunice’s body to Kenya for burial. All proceeds will go towards outstanding hospital bills, funeral expenses, and other needs the Ajimo family has.

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Contact persons:

Charles Mamwacha : 1-806-470-2025
Collins K’Owino : 1-806-548-1995
Moss Ogutu.      : 1-806-281-4549
Jeff Kimani.       : 1-806-283-4868
Charles Otori.    : 1-806-777-6761
Willies Ogutu.    : 1-806-317-3085
Jacob Ajimo.     : 1-513-328-5488
Francis Wekesa: 1-518-779-1466
Billy Jiveti          : 1-903-239-2807
Peter. Maluki     : 1-817-884-7527