May 28, 2016

Funniest video from Kenya…in a long time

6 Responses to “Funniest video from Kenya…in a long time”
  1. Sammy says:

    Wow..I am speechless.

    After self,  you are not ugly sweetie! But your dentition is whack! Nothing a visit of a orthodontist won’t fix and you can then be the hottie you aspire to be.
    Now,  about the wailing..that is another story. I pity the man who will have to listen to your nagging.

  2. Wesonga says:

    @Sammy, come on now>>>this is just acting, a Tusker Competition “video~viral

  3. Makosasina says:

    not funny at all

  4. Mungaitony says:

    crap. kae areaga thuraku (safari ants)

  5. Mzee_Kobe says:

    Its actually disgusting to watch. Who thought this was funny?

  6. Billkaru says:

    She fit in for good actor,  you have worked on your teeth to correspond to the act of senseless crying but your eyes were too dry, u might want to introduce pepper spray on your next act

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