May 5, 2016

Green Card (DV-2014) Lottery Results Check Begins May 1

Green_Card Check
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Beginning Wednesday May 1, entrants from the 2012 diversity visa (green card) lottery can check on-line at the U.S. State Department’s “Electronic Diversity Visa” Entrant Status Check (ESC) web site to see if they won.

Applicants need three pieces of information from their green card lottery application:


  1. CONFIRMATION NUMBER, (Format: 2013xxxxxxxxxxxx or 2014xxxxxxxxxxxx)
  2. FAMILY NAME (Last Name), and

Entrant Status Checking will be available from May 1, 2013 until April 30, 2014.

The confirmation number was provided if you successfully entered the lottery (“DV-2014”) last fall. It is the 16-character number, similar to this: 2014lO0DZWY1DOV9. When checking your number, do not confuse a “1” with an “I” or a “0” with an “O” which, of course, are separate characters. Next, enter the 4 digit “CAPTCHA” security code shown on the bottom of the screen.

Lost confirmation number? If you lost your confirmation number from last year, you will be unable to check your winning status. The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which administers the program, cannot look up your number. Therefore if you lost your number you cannot win the lottery.

If you entered via an ethical lottery service or an immigration attorney, they should check your winning status for you, since that is part of what you pay them for. And they should have already provided you with your official confirmation number so you can also check yourself to see if you won.

Once you complete the Entrant information and enter the Authentication Code, the status of your entry will be displayed. It will show a different message based on whether or not your entry was selected for further processing, or if an interview appointment has been scheduled.

If you did not win you will receive this message:
Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2014 Electronic Diversity Visa program. Please verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the ESC Home Page link below.

If you won the lottery the ESC site will display a letter with information on what to do next. And, after you have received a notification e-mail, the site will display an appointment letter with information about your immigrant visa interview.

More information. If you do not receive a selectee e-mail by August 1, 2013, but your entry was selected, then the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) should be your next point of contact. The KCC can be reached by e-mail at

15 Responses to “Green Card (DV-2014) Lottery Results Check Begins May 1”
  1. Elahe Nazari says:


  2. I want to be an American.

  3. roshanak says:

    the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further
    processing… what mean??? am i a loser? or i have time to check again?

  4. Jems Magar says:

    I entered correct all, but its says that The information entered is not valid. Please review the Confirmation Number, your Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth.
    to ensure you have entered them exactly as they appear on your DV Confirmation Page.

    Several characters are often confused:
    0 = zero, O = letter 'O', 1 = one, I = letter 'I' (like 'Ice'), 6 = six, G = letter 'G', 8 = eight, B = letter 'B' WHY? I CAN NOT CHECK MY STATUS.

  5. PLEAS texy my dv lottory 2014.

  6. verify you date of bird is correct and that the code is 16 digit.

  7. Abu Dhabi says:

    I forgot my confim. ID. How to retrieve it?

  8. habtamu taye says:

    I entered all the data from my datas correctly but the answer says the information you entered are incorrect so what can I do ????

  9. marisa says:

    means you and me are both loser, becuase i received the same message, so there is no need to check again. we should try next yer’s lotto.
    good luck

  10. Adam says:

    hi my name is Adam .i just want to asking for the game of lottory .
    iwant how can i playing .really i dont know. thanks

  11. blerim selani says:

    hello green card can I come to live in USA please please albanian from kosova thnx

  12. Svetlana Petkovska says:

    I lost my confirmation number. I read the instructions how to check it the results. But it's impossible. I can open only format 2014, and I need format 2013 for dv-2015 results.Please tell me what to do Thank you!

  13. Momdou Lamin K. Ceesay says:

    I lost my confirmatin code for 2015 -2016 lotery how can i get it again.

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