How Maina Kageni Makes His Millions


As you all know by now, Maina Kageni, despite his polarizing show, is minting major dough at the end of the day. He has been known to drive luxury cars such as Hummers and the BMW X6. This is as a result of diversifying his revenue streams. Here is a breakdownof how he makes his money:

1. Radio hosting

His popular radio show is literally what holds Classic 105 up as a radio station. It blows the rest of the competition out of the water when it comes to morning shows. Because of this incredible leverage Maina has, he has negotiated for himself asalary of over one million shillings a month from radio. It should be noted that he has announced his retirement from the station.

2. Emceeing

Maina Kageni emcees at only select events, where he gets paid up to 400,000 per event. He targets the upper classmen sort of events, who are ready to pay such amounts to have the most famous people at their event.

3. Real estate

This is where Maina proved his business acumen. Like most rich men in Kenya, Maina bought a ka-plot with his cash, but it wasn’t just any plot. He bought housing in Miami, USA, during the real-estate crash late last decade. This made him get prime property for extremely cheap prices. He now rents out his Miami house, and sometimes uses it to take him and his friends on holiday.

4. Social media

Maina’s Facebook page is one of the largest in Kenya, with about 200,000 fans, and his Twitter profile is growing as well. He uses the pages not only to talk to his fans, but to also promote brands for a fee. His page is in such high demand from advertisers that he has contracted a talent management agency named Trinc Media to negotiate deals on his behalf. It is said that he makes over one million bob on  a good month just through his page.

5. Writing

Maina has recently started a column with Sport On! magazine, which led to people asking whether he was going to quit his day job at Classic. Turns out that wasn’t the case. It is just a side hustle, which he is paid handsomely for. –

  • mugesha

    for a moment i wondered emceeing…..

  • Alan

    You cannot buy property in the USA if you are not a legal resident or citizen.

    • Erick

      u can buy property even if u r not a US Citizen Alan, my aunt has property there yet she is not a citizen of US