Jicho Pevu crew questioned over Westgate CCTV footage


Following leaking of CCTV footage to the public with scenes captured of KDF officers engaging in looting, the CID has summoned key journalists from all the media houses for interrogations to reveal their sources of the footage.

The summons according to insider sources talking to NE were issued yesterday and this morning most of the journalists appeared. Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu summoned to Kilimani CID over the CCTV footage showing KDF soldiers looting.

It is the Jicho Pevu & Inside Story that caused much stir. The summons came only few hours after the army boss Julius Karangi dismissed the looting claims defending the KDF from the accusations despite the CCTV proof. In his defence he said the officers were only sanitising the area and carried water from Nakumatt supermarket to quench thitst.

Will suppressing the journalists ti reveal their sources of story help salvage the situation or continue diminishing it. Moha and Namu together with other journalists continues to answer the questions.