May 1, 2016

Jicho Pevu: Uchunguzi wa kifo cha Saitoti (FULL VIDEO)

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The Jicho Pevu team led by Muhammed Ali and John-Allan Namu investigate the circumstances leading to Professor George Saitoti’s death. The former Internal Security Minister was killed in a helicopter crash in June 2012. Mr Saitoti and his deputy, Orwa Ojode, died when the aircraft went down west of Nairobi.

Jicho Pevu dives deep to bring you the story behind his death. RELATED STORY: Busted’s Ciku Muiruri statement on her involvement with the Artur brothers


27 Responses to “Jicho Pevu: Uchunguzi wa kifo cha Saitoti (FULL VIDEO)”
  1. Brendah Beekay says:

    Wow……This is really sad & Interesting…

  2. the same people are stil in power 2me kwisha.

  3. if they can kill their own kikuyu man what of others? God is in control Holyghost must expose em.

    • Benjamin Pascal Wanzala says:

      then the whatever commission that was formed to look into it makes the final decision that the cause of death was purely on mechanical fault of the eurocopter? and the head of that is now going to be the depouty chief justice? commission is the

  4. may God rest their sauls in enternal peace.

  5. Catte Cattre says:

    thz z soooo sad,,,,,,,,,,, no wads.

  6. Lee Liza says:

    kudos ali n allan GOD hav mercy on kenya.

  7. Wambu Mainer says:

    so sad.The truth will be out soon.

  8. Nyamschelsea Mwangiez Enriquez says:

    its a tenga utawale nation………
    no compromise about it.

  9. politics, power, and money is just but areal game of death. heros av gone n they wil stil go many thngs wil stil b brought to light but their wil b no action. Mohamed Ali may God lead u in the darknes of evil men.

  10. wastedtears says:

    well guys, take it as the norm of kenya’s politics. You know he had to go and go very fast. Ojode was an unfortunate victim whose fate only found him at the wrong place. We already know too much which adds to nothing coz the very ones in power are the executors. We have agreed to live with it till Jesus wakes up and sees the waves.

  11. Lets preach the Kingdom of Christ where we shall be heirs with Christ.

  12. Zippy Kamau says:

    wat goes around comes back around God is not a human being He is watching.

  13. khaemba Emmanuel says:

    why most people surprised when the truth is exposed ? ALI and NAM Good job let the government know their dooms,and GOD may have mercy on their self- centeredness

  14. Kudos Ali you more better than our CID.

  15. Let the truth be told. kuna nuru gizani kweli.

  16. one on one, let unmask them..

  17. whoever is responsible to keep in mind that ALLAH is the eye witness of their n more so the Altermate judge.katoy. says:

    Allah is the eye witness n more so the Mighty judge. Allah hadhulumu mtu n they will pay dearly.

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