Journalist Gitau wa Njenga Enters Race for Kikuyu Constituency Seat


Former long serving Kenyan London-based Journalist Gitau wa Njenga on Friday launched his bid for the Kikuyu parliamentary seat. He will be running for the seat on the TNA ticket. Speaking at Nachu in Kikuyu at the weekend, Gitau said he understands the needs of the residents because he was born and raised in the area.

“I intend to make Kikuyu Constituency the model administrative unit by empowering the youth women and men,” said Gitau.

He blamed the poverty in the area on poor leadership saying he will engage the residents initiating projects to create jobs and wealth for the youth.

Mr Njenga believes he has the most tangible experience on the most important needs of the community because he was born and raised in the poverty stricken villages of Kikuyu Constituency. “I grew up here and attended school at Lusigetti village in Nachu, I later worked in the newsrooms in The People Daily and as a London correspondent the East Africa Standard, The Standard and Daily Nation newspapers for over 17 years in the United kingdom.

Gitau holds a Master of Arts Degree in Photo Journalism from the University of Westminster, London and a Bachelor ‘s of Art degree  in Journalism and Broadcasting from University of Salfold in Manchester said that his top priority would be empowerment for the youth, women and men.

“I intend to make Kikuyu Constituency the model administrative unit by empowering the youth women and men,” said Gitau. “Kikuyu constituency have suffered political neglect since independence, the previous leadership failed to connect with the electorate, and has been insensitive to people’s problems and needs” noted Gitau.

He regretted that most people in Kikuyu constituency were living in poverty despite the huge resources readily available in the area. He said his campaign manifesto focused empowerment for all, poverty eradication, education, affordable health care and wealth creation . “Growth in informal sector, rural electrification. Security and rule of law, job creation, family & social values, gender equity, social economic growth and infrastructure are other key areas in my manifesto”, he said. “We shall meet the long-term healthcare needs of the rapidly growing population, competing priorities and escalating healthcare expenditure pose a grim challenge to the current healthcare.

In fact, the healthcare services in Kenya have become less accessible since the early 1990s when its costs soared up,” said Gitau. He added, “These rising costs have prevented many people from seeking early medical care especially among rural populace. Particular concern is to the pregnant women and children under five years and the terminally ill (especially HIV Aids & cancer patients).”

Gitau said that rural electrification will ensure that there is an electricity mains supply at every shopping centre, hospital, school & factory. He said, “we will also undertake to have an electricity mains supply at most 500 meters from every home. From there, we will then encourage the communities to cross-support each other to pull the power into their respective homes.”

Gitau rose to the world limelight when he broke the story of the first Kenyan gay couple ‘wedding’ in London exclusively published by Sunday Nation in October 2009. In 2004, he received the Kenya Foreign Correspondent of the Year Award for the incisive World Exclusives special investigative reports on mysterious murder of British tourist Julie Ward and Dr Robert Ouko, former Kenya Foreign Minister which occurred in Kenya in the 1990s.

During his tenure as London correspondent in the UK, Gitau covered high profile UK events that included State visit of American President George Bush, the American Senator Barack Obama, official visits of Presidents from Kenya and Afghanistan, G8 Summit, historic entries of British Prime Ministers, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to No.10 Downing Street, London.

Source: The Star