Journalists come to the rescue of starving Kitui woman who attempted to sell an owl for food


A Kitui woman who had walked for almost 15 kilometers to try and sell an owl at a local market has received help from well wishers.

Kamene Kakai who is a mother of five was captured on video peddling an owl as she tried to get some money saying she was starving and needed food.

She decided to try and sell the owl saying that she could not cook the bird for her children as it is not fit for consumption.

“I had no choice but to bring it to the market to sell it as I cannot watch my children die of hunger,” she said.

Upon catching wind of the story that shocked Kitui residents, Syokimau FM in the county came to her rescue.

Journalists affiliated with the radio station visited Kamene at her home with various foodstuff in bags. They said that they wanted to have her and her children have enough to eat and not resort to extreme means to get food.

When journalists arrived at her home, they discovered that she has a mental disorder and sleeps in a mud hut that has no door nor windows. Additionally, she does not have a bed.

They promised to go back and give her a bed and make sure that her home is safe to live in. They will have a door and windows installed as well.