Kabete MP aspirant Chege Fresh dismisses claims his abduction was stage-managed


Kabete MP aspirant Charles Chege popularly known as Chege Fresh has denied claims that his abduction on Friday night was stage-managed.

His Toyota Prado was recovered with bullet holes on the back left door at the Muthaiga area near a dam.

The aspirant was later found in Narok town two days after going missing.

A section of the public were not willing to give Chege the benefit of the doubt claiming that this was a political ploy used by politicians to gain sympathy votes ahead of the upcoming party nominations and general elections.

The aspirant, however said he has what it takes to replace Ferdinand Waititu who is vying for Kiambu Governor and would not need such a ploy to win.

“How can the number one hide himself yet he has already won the nomination and the election?” 

He declined to discuss the circumstances leading to his abduction saying that it was being investigated by police and that there was no need to discuss it.

He urged his supporters to ignore his rivals who are speculating over his disappearance.

“As of now, we cannot comment on who kidnapped him. We haven’t finished our investigations. We shall let you know once we are through,” Ongaya told members of the public. “People are speaking a lot about it. I believe we have been recording the right statements.”

When Chege drove up to King’eero police station in Kabete, he was met by a throng of his supporters who were singing his praises before his arrival. The police seemed to struggle with controlling the supporters who sang songs of praise as they waited for his arrival.

Chege thanked them for their support and for the messages of goodwill during the time he had been abducted and even after he had been found.

Asking the government to provide security to all spirants countrywide, Chege said that his abduction will not deter him.

“I will not be deterred from continuing with my campaigns,” he said at the station.