Kenyan baby born pre-maturely held hostage at a UAE hospital for unpaid bill

Baby Kiama Mwangi Kamau was born early at 25 weeks on February 11
Baby Kiama Mwangi Kamau was born early at 25 weeks on February 11

A Kenyan baby is being held hostage at a hospital in the United Arabs Emirates after doctors declined to release him due to a pending hospital bill.

Little Kiama Mwangi Kamau who was born prematurely at 25 weeks was banned from leaving the hospital until his parents pay up $81,000 (Ksh8.4million).

The medical bills accumulated due to the premature arrival of baby Mwangi as he had to be attended to while in an incubator and needed close attention at the hospital situated in the city of Sharjah in Sharjah Emirate, north-eastern United Arab Emirates.

Baby Mwangi is now in good health but he will not be leaving the hospital until the bill is cleared.

His mother Ruth Wambui Mwaura from Kenya was visiting the country on holiday when she went into labour.

She was rushed to the emergency section of the hospital and delivered Kiama the next day.

Due to Kiama being born prematurely, he had to remain in hospital under doctors’ care and accumulated the hefty bill which his parents say they cannot afford to pay.

Mrs Mwaura said she had not anticipated the baby coming early as she would have wanted to have the baby in Kenya.

She said that she is currently out of work and her husband earns a monthly salary of only Sh46,000 as a petrol pump filler.

She said there was no way they were going to afford to settle the bill as it was out of their reach.

“We certainly were not prepared for something like this. We could not have imagined in our wildest dreams that we would be in this situation.

“It’s very painful for us not to be able to give him a homecoming because we do not have the money.”

Please send your financial help to the hospital Account.

ZULEKHA HOSP, ENBD A/C Number 1014030708401 ( Description: Son of Ruth Wambui or Pin No ZHSO678289) .

Please also send us a copy of the receipt for reference ;  +971526545189 / +971522436132.

For those in Kenya you can Mpesa on 07246945661 ( Ruth ) or deposit  at KCB, MOI AVENUE A/C NO 1177210894. Ruth Wambui Mwaura. Thankyou and God bless you