Kenyan businessman based in US murdered at his Limuru home, Girlfriend quized



An American-based businessman was found murdered in Lironi village in Limuru on Saturday morning. David Kironji, 60, was found murdered in his house. Angry villagers however claimed that Kironji’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Mary Wambui, was behind the murder. Police had a rough time protecting Wambui from villagers wrath.

Area chief John Mwaura said Wambui, in a statement she recorded at the police station, stated that she had gone to buy milk in the morning and upon her return found Kironji lying in a pool of blood. Wambui further stated that she screamed alerting the neighbours. “When Wambui raised the alarm, we rushed into the house and found Kironji lying in bed soaked in blood. Kironji was lying on his right-hand side holding his phone. When we looked closely, we noticed blood stains on some clothes near the bed and the ceiling,” said Mwaura.

He said the body had deep cuts on the head and near his right ear which appeared to have been inflicted using a blunt object. Mwaura added that when the police arrived, they ransacked the house and found a knife which suspected to have been used. The chief said a pair of blood soaked gloves was found hidden in the toilet, Kironji’s t-shirt, a white apron and a pillow case. “When the curious villagers saw the blood stained knife, they charged claiming that Wambui had killed the old man. They claimed she killed Kironji and framed the murder. They became rowdy baying for Wambui’s blood but police protected her from their wrath,” said Mwaura.

Wambui, who works in Nairobi have been living with Kironji for four years. Mwaura said Kironji, a father of two lives with his wife in the US. Mwaura said Kironji had come for a two months visit. A neighbour who asked for anonymity said Wambui and Kironji had been heard arguing and fighting several times. He added that on Friday at around 11pm, Kironji got home and shortly after there was an argument. Wambui however dismissed that there had been an argument on Friday night but claimed they had returned from night prayers. Wambui was arrested and investigations into the murder has started.

Source: The Star

  • mungai

    Why do reporters always give pple new names when they are reporting.  I believe who ever reported this story need to apologize to the Kironji’s family because the names used here “DAVID KIRONJI” are for the victims brother who is still living.

  • githomo

    Please for heavenly sake can Kironji’s information be confirmed with the family before you all publish it.  I am soo mad about all this misrepresentation. What you are potraying here is like he was in prostitution spree when he met his death which is not the case.  On behalf of his relatives and friends from USA we demand accurate information.

  • Ben Hin

    Sounds like a ‘love tringle’ event. The significant others in USA should not be ruled out, and also the nature of his biz. Limuru remains a high risk area for diaspora to transact any biz. May he R.I.P

    • Hum K.

      Hey you long mouth,what do you know!Go slow & stop spitting words from your mouth before you get to the real story.The story given here isn’t real,even the name used isn’t the deceased’s one.This guy was my friend,a friend to many.He was so cool & full of humour.I hope the media takes back their story coz it’s all vague.

    • githomo

      Wacha zako what do you know about significant others in USA there is no significant others she is an Ex wife period. Daniel is a good close friend of mine, full of humor, generous and very hard working man.  We will all miss him and we are hopping justice will be done.  R.I.P Gikuru

    • Muchene

      @ Ben Hin….what do u know abt Gikuru? i wish u knew this guy personally! this guy came to the states years back and after working tirelessly he was able to bring his family to the land of milk and honey!! but…..unfortunately things went wrong like always. anyway, the rest is history. He was divorced n he had a common law wife!!! if you want more details pls go to Gatimu Village!!!!!

  • Ndunguh

    Mr . Mwaura, reporter  from The Star, please get your facts straight about Daniel Gikuru Kironji’
    It is Gatimu, Rironi not Lironi
    He died on Friday morning, July 27th 2012 and not Saturday morning.
    His name is Daniel Gikuru Kironji and not David Kironji (David is his elder brother who is a resident of California USA)
    He is employed in the USA not a US based businessman.
    Mary Wambui Kamau was his common law wife in Kenya and not his girlfriend
    He was divorced from his wife in the USA and did not live with his ex-wife.
    If the reporter had followed with the police later during the day on Friday, Mary Wambui Kamau confessed to the killing.
    I was at the scene and although ‘the villagers’ as you referred to our area residents,  were very upset about the incident and were angry with Wambui she casually walked to the police car when being arrested.
    The police did not have a rough time arresting her- please stop being too sensational
     As for the items recovered by the police: they were Wambui’s night dress (not apron), Gikuru’s  t-shirt, a pillow case and gloves, all of which were soaked with blood.
    They were recovered from an outside pit latrine not toilet.  
    For the last 3 months or so, every Thursday night from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm, Daniel Gikuru Kironji  (sometimes with his wife Wambui) attended “Perpetual Adoration” of Jesus Christ at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Limuru.
    On Thursday night Gikuru, Wambui and 2 of his tenants had gone for the Adoration and they came back home about 10.30 pm
    Gikuru has been in Kenya since March 2012 (about 4 months now not 2 months)
    Wambui, who works in Chiromo Campus, Nairobi has been living with Kironji since about November 2008 (which is not 4 years as yet)
    Since Wambui moved to Gikuru’s residence in Rironi, in 2008 he has come back home from the USA every year and stays for a few months.
    Very concerned resident ‘villager’ of Gatimu ‘. God bless

    • ukweliusemwe

      Thanks for clarification, these reporters can really lie to us

    • githomo

      Thanks Ndungu i wish who ever wrote the initial report consulted with you first.  You seem to be more knowledgeable and informed of what you are talking about.  On behalf of his friends at USA thanks.

    • Shame

      Daniel Gikuru Kironji was a friend to many!!!and its very unfortunate that people can dare to write crap!!!!! he had divorced his first wife and he was living in Seattle and NOT california where his ex-wife and children lives!!! we will definately   miss his gorgeous voice and humour. Dan will be missed by many friends not haters! RIP

  • Sika

    This is so ignorant of the reporters. Why do they think that the dead were not human? Please have some respect, at least for the living if not the dead.