Kenyan couple in Minessota thankful as their son is accepted to all eight ivy league schools


Derek Onserio loves his Minnesota Timberwolves NBA basketball team. Though March 30 was an important day when he was going to find out if any of the several universities he had applied had accepted him, he decided to watch his favorite team play the Los Angeles Lakers. He was going to check the school websites later on.

It wasn’t until around 10.30pm when he got to check each of the Ivy League schools’ websites expecting bad news.

But website after website failed to deliver the bad news he expected.

He was accepted at all eight schools namely Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth.

“I could barely believe it,” the 17-year-old said. “Was it a mistake?”

He decided to play coy and tell his parents that he was not accepted to any of the schools. However he was so excited that he could not hold it in. He told his parents and his dad just had to see it for himself. He asked him to show him the results on the computer.

When his dad Joshua Onserio Isaboke saw the results, he was pleasantly surprised.

He could not believe it. The family then prayed together in thanksgiving.

Onserio applied to the eight Ivy schools because each had something different to offer him.

The son of Kenyan immigrants is also a pro in singing, acting and dancing. He has made an appearance in each of his school’s production since his freshman year.

He says his life revolves around theater season.

The teen is also involved in the chamber choir, the school acappella group and his friend’s show choir. He is also on the tennis team and competes in speech, debate, quiz bowl and math league.

Onserio is now working on narrowing down the schools this week.

He will not be the only member of his family who will be attending an Ivy League school.

Onserio’s older sisters Rachel and Meghan both attend Ivy League schools. They attend Dartmouth and Harvard respectively. Meghan received five acceptances from Ivy League universities in 2015.

His parents immigrated to the United States from Kenya more than 20 years ago. They have worked hard to instill into their children the importance of education.
Onserio hopes that one day, he will start a nonprofit to help at-risk children.