Kenyan girl makes improvised bag due to plastic bag ban, social media goes wild

Kenyans on social media pounced excitedly on a photo of Kenyan girl who was returning to school carrying an improvised bag made out of dried banana leaves apparently in compliance with the plastic bags ban in Kenya

Hilda Gaceri Bundi, was captured with this unique shopping bag as she prepared to return to school at Materi Girls High School in Meru prompting Kenyans to call on National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to make her a plastic bags ban ambassador.

The plastic ban which is currently in effect has affected ordinary Kenyans as well as affecting the country’s kadogo economy.

In Keria village, Nkubu where she comes from, the residents are used to improvising bags to carry farm produce and she decided to take it a step further by carrying her shopping on the environment friendly bag.

She told journalists who had sought her out that she spent her entire morning on Tuesday making one before reporting to school. She said she did not have a bag and purchasing one would have costed her Sh200.

“Kila mtu ni binadamu hakuna haja ya kuogopa”, she encouraged herself.

She did her shopping at Juber Supermarket in Nkubu Town, where she used the improvised bag to carry the items she purchased before rushing to school to beat the 5 p.m deadline for reporting.

She has no idea who took her pics that are now doing rounds online.

Here are some of the comments on social media from Kenyans who heaped praise on her:

Kenneth Murithi Ndubi said: “That was so brilliant and innovative I’m in support of that petition while also the Tharaka Nithi county govt should honour her has a county brand ambassador.

Paul Karuri wrote” Brilliant and confident girl…..I support petition to NEMA as a brand ambassador.”

Kelv Win Larry Mathenge said “Yah this young lady deserve recognition. I support petition to NEMA to make her brand ambassador.”

Cherotich Carren Kiki said “She deserves recognition from Ministry of Environment & NEMA”

Purity Wanjiru wrote: “First I love her courage and creativity. I honestly love this. She’s a brilliant girl. I’m sure if we were to follow closely she must be a very bright one in class “.