Kenyan government blocked from hiring foreign doctors


The Kenyan government has been temporarily barred from hiring foreign doctors.

The Employment and Labour Relations Court issued the temporarily injunction after five doctors sued to have the impending hiring of 500 doctors from neighboring Tanzania.

Justice Nelson Abuodha heard the matter in which the doctors argued that the government should instead hired trained medics in the country who are still unemployed.

The doctors who brought the suit against the government are Victor Muia Mutisya, Aldran Flavian Liguyani, Teddy Menza Kahindi, Mohammed Shee Yunas and Lilian Nyambeki Magara.

They had sued the Ministry of Health, the Council of Governors, the Public Service Commission and the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.

The doctors also wanted the government compelled to employ the 1,400 medical professionals that have not yet gained employment but are qualified for the vacant posts.

They are also seeking to have the government permanently barred from hiring any foreign medical personnel to work in Kenyan hospitals.

A hearing is set for April 21.

Earlier last week, the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) had written a letter to the Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) seeking their counterparts to delay the deployment of its members to Kenya by at least two months.

The letter dated March 20 asked the MAT not to send the 500 doctors who had been scheduled to be deployed to Kenya until Kenyan government signs two crucial documents that not only ended the 100-days doctors’ strike but also would address their employment concerns.