Kenyan man on drug charges in Dubai appeals one year sentence, gets seven instead


A Kenyan man got his one year sentence for drug related charges overturned and increased to seven by an appeals court in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The 28 year old Kenyan had appealed his sentence which included a fine of Dhs20,000 but the fine was also increased to Dhs50,000. The earlier sentence and fine as well as deportation had been handed down by a criminal court.

He appealed the sentence but the prosecutors also appealed to have a heavier sentence levied.

He was arrested at the Dubai International Airport on Dec.20, 2016 after 2, 450 Pregabalin pills were found in his suitcase as well as under his clothes.

According to airport security records, he brought in 166 sachets that contained the anti-epileptic drug and customs staff grew suspicious after noticing that contents in his suitcase contained suspicious lumps.

The customs inspectors landed on a huge stash of pills upon searching the suitcase. They also frisked him and seized more pills. When questioned, he said that he had brought them from Kenya and was delivering to a resident of Dubai.