Kenyan woman in Kennesaw, GA charged with stealing $773,000 from the University of Connecticut


    A Kenyan woman has been charged with diverting more than $700,000 from the University of Connecticut to her banking accounts after fraudulently misrepresenting herself.

    39 year old Muthiani Nzuki a native of Kenya is alleged to have diverted $773,079.35 from the University of Connecticut (UConn) to her accounts after posing as a representative of Dell Computers.

    Ms Nzuki is also a naturalized United States citizen living in Kennesaw, Georgia. Records from Immigration and Customs Enforcement show that Nzuki has been a naturalized U.S. citizen as of 2010, has a U.S. passport as well as a Kenyan passport. She traveled from Atlanta to Paris on May 25 and returned to Atlanta from Kenya on Aug. 8.

    The theft was discovered after Dell Computers called the university inquiring about payment for invoices that were past due.

    UConn informed Dell that most of the invoices had been paid and.

    Upon investigations however, it was discovered that that someone who was not authorized diverted the payments to a different account which also bore Dell Computers’ name.

    Authorities said that Nzuki created an account with the vendor company, posing as a Dell employee, and synched up her account and UConn’s account by entering Dell’s federal tax ID and imputing an invoice number and amount owed from any Dell invoice to UConn.

    Nzuki used a fictitious name of a person who was not an actual Dell employee and opened the account using a free email service in Germany.

    She then diverted money from an approved Dell banking account between April 12 and May 19, to an account she created 32 separate times.

    A warrant of arrest for Nzuki was issued on Aug. 16 and UConn police sought help from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia to help find her. She was then moved from Georgia to Connecticut by the UConn police on Thursday.

    She has been charged with first-degree larceny and first-degree computer crime and is being held on a $500,000 bond after it was lowered from $1million. She is due back in court on Dec. 1.