Kenyan woman who lied about being attacked to be deported from India


A Kenyan woman who lied about being attacked by a group of Indian men will be deported according to the The Uttar Pradesh police.

Maria Burendi had claimed that she had been attacked as she was in travelling a taxi by a group of locals in the Greater Noida area of India.

She claimed that a group consisting of five men pulled her out of a taxi and assaulted her as she was on her way to a friend’s house.

Maria who was a student at Mahatma Gandhi University later recanted her story after investigations by police revealed that the incident never happened.

Uttar Pradesh police had refuted her story saying that eye witness accounts and electronic evidence obtained did not collaborate her sequence of events.

As the police were looking into her allegations, they discovered that her student visa had expired and immediately began initiating deportation proceedings.

The police declined to charge the 24 year old Kenyan national with providing false information in a bid to ease tensions between Africans and locals in the area.