Kenyan Women in the US (KWITU) call for peace in coming elections


A group representing Kenyan women in the United States (KWITU) is calling for peace in the coming August elections.

The 9,000 plus members group on Facebook is running a campaign that seeks to reach out to those in Kenya asking them to shun instigators of violence. The group members dubbed as peace ambassadors are running videos calling for Kenyans to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and embrace the elections results.

According to the group’s founder Lily Richards who spoke to on the initiative, she still has memories of the 2007/2008 post elections violence and she did not want to endure the same this time around.

Ms Richards said that there has been some vocal instigators online who seemed to suggest violence is the only recourse if the election results went a certain way and this did not sit well with her.

She has since mobilized the group asking them to be KWITU peace ambassadors and post video messages online which would call for peace countrywide.

The group has been co-coordinating live broadcasts on the public page KWITU Breaking Barriers where the ladies interested in streaming live schedule time and members tune in to watch their message. The broadcasters are announce ahead of time to allow to those interested in watching to have enough time to tune in.

Each presenter is pitching a unique message to those back at home sharing messages of hope and appealing to the better angels of our citizens.

The KWITU peace ambassadors will continue broadcasting until the elections are held.

KWITU Facebook group is a popular channel in the United States which focuses on empowering women and has invested heavily on addressing members issues where members are invited to help with their suggestions and advise.

The group is only open to women in the United States.

Alongside following their public page above, you can also follow their videos here: KWITU PEACE INITIATIVE on JAMBONEWSPOT.COM