Kenyans online react at IEBC prints additional 900,000 presidential ballot papers


Kenyans online reacted as reports of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) printing 900,000 extra presidential ballot papers surfaced.

The electoral body increased the number of ballot papers amid claims of a rigging plot by the opposition.

IEBC went to Twitter to update Kenyans on the number of ballot papers printed and it revealed that it had 20,818,000 ballot papers which had been printed to cater for the announced 19,687,563 registered voters.

With that number of registered voters, the one per cent provision allowed would result in 196,875 extra ballots. This means the IEBC has an additional 933,562 ballots on top of the one percent provision.

“They are in 416,360 booklets and will arrive on July 31 and August 1. The sum is inclusive of the one per cent provision in case of spoilt votes,” the commission said, adding they raised the figure to 6.5 per cent.

The commission further explained that they printed extra papers due to the binding of the ballot in a booklet containing 50 papers.

Kenyans online were not so convinced and had various questions:

Sande Kennedy @honsandekennedy: total number of registered voters is 19,687,563. What are the extra 933,562 ballots for then?

: 101% of 19.6M =19.796M, 20.8M= 1M extra, cooking has started in earnest. How will the extra ballot papers be distributed.

Luanda Magere : Also wondering. is like that girl who cheats on you, you forgive her and then she does it again. They do not seek public trust.
: You printed 1.2M extra ballot papers in a country where rigging is the norm? What is wrong with you people? If u spoil your vote shauri yako


The first batch of ballot papers for the August 8 elections arrived at JKIA on July 18, 2017.