Lucy Kibaki admitted at Aga Khan Hospital


On Monday, there were rumours on Social Media that first lady Lucy Kibaki was admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital Private Wing in a not very good shape. It was alleged that she was previously at the Karen Hospital before being transferred.

Several people reported seeing President Kibaki at the Parklands based hospital without his official motorcade on Monday. Though police were deployed around the area, their presence was minimal and not conspicuous. The Star newspaper reported that they were ordered not to use any radio communication, but instead use their mobile phones. However, when asked about the president’s visit, head of the Presidential Press Service, Isaiya Kabira said that the “the president does not go to Aga Khan”.
Lucy Kibaki has been extremely silent since the beginning of the second term of Kibaki’s presidency. During the first term, Lucy would accompany Kibaki almost everywhere, with some occasional lone trips. She mesmerized the country, when she walked into Nation offices along Kimathi Street to express her dissatisfaction, over a newspaper article.
Kenyans have for some time now, been wondering what happened to their first lady, and maybe it would be advisable if she appeared on TV once in a while. We really hope that she is fine.
State House yesterday denied President Kibaki visited Aga Khan University Hospital on Monday. Reports indicated that  the President was at the hospital without  his official motorcade. Police officers, we were told, were deployed to the general area and asked to communicate via their mobile telephones and not their radios. But yesterday the head of the Presidential Press Service, Isaiya Kabira, told Corridors that the President “does not go to Aga Khan”.
  • billkaru

    It is very Human for anyone to get sick and get admitted to hospital. It is news worth reporting if the first Lady get sick but the family acceptance is necessary in today’s hawkish media for someone the world will know the truth.
    If she is sick, we offer her get well wishes and prayers from the Great Healer Jesus Christ and if she is not, aendelee hivyo kwani kuna nini?