There was massive rigging in August 8 election, says US expert on election forensics


An election forensics expert in the United States who studies elections worldwide has claimed that there was massive rigging in the now annulled general elections held on August 8.

Professor Walter Mebane, a political Scientist at the University of Michigan Political claimed that he used two statistical methods to carry out a detailed analysis the elections and found massive rigging occured.

Mebane claims that no matter what basis he uses, the presence of large scale rigging is being detected.

“There was no sign of manipulation in voter turnout numbers but the vote counts look anomalous on every basis we use,” the Professor stated.

He said that he found a total of 548,352 votes were fraudulently added to President Uhuru’s tally.

“It was unlike any data set I had ever seen,” he said. “Every single indicator came up signaling anomalies. It’s a huge red flag that something weird is going on.”

The Supreme Court of Kenya annulled the results of the August 8 elections and ordered a repeat vote within 60 days.

On June 6, 2017, Professor Mebane wrote an analysis of the Michigan and Wisconsin election results where the candidate Trump defeated his Democratic Party challenger Hillary Clinton by small margins.

His analysis “Were 2016 vote counts in Michigan and Wisconsin hacked?” appeared in the Washington Post.