May 25, 2016

Mr President-elect: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Uhuru kenyatta
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Mr Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has been elected the new president of the Republic of Kenya. Mr Kenyatta who is a son of Kenya’s first President edged his rival outgoing PM Raila Odinga in the country’s first elections under the new constitution.

Mr Kenyatta garnered 6,1734, 433 votes to Raila’s 5,340,546 hence crossing the 50%+1 threshold as stipulated in the new constitution. The final tally was 50.03% to 43.28%

Celebration erupted at the Bomas of Kenya as agent of the Jubilee coalition reacted to the win during the announcement of one of the forgotten constituencies-Leisamis.

The Jubille team had set up at the Catholic University for Uhuru’s speech earlier on in the evnt of victory and it is likely he may wait until Saturday to speak to the nation. PM Raila Odinga is expected to hold a press conference On Saturday at his Karen home.

Mr Kenyatta was born on 26 October 1961 two years before Kenya’s independence. He teamed up with William Ruto of URP to form the Jubilee coalition.

The IEBC will formally announce the results tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Mr President-elect: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta”
  1. Enoch Ndwiga says:

    that's very greatiful, glory be to the Almighty father for all that, congratulations

  2. Mr. President, we know you've been elected to serve all Kenyans, and thus all the trust that has been bestowed on you should yield excellent results. Take care of the less fortunate and continue improving the infrastructure – especially in the rural area. I recently visited Kenya but I was disappointed by the poor condition of the roads. The CDF funds must be going to the elected leaders' or certain individuals' pockets. Please change that trend, and I know you can – You're a wise and strong leader- Kenyans BELIEVE IN YOU! Set up your own commission to be inspecting what's being done with the tax-payers money. I'm confident in an year's time from now, Kenyans will realize you're a true leader- full of visions just like your father( Nation's Founding Father). May God bless you!

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