Mutahi Ngunyi lashes out at the government for asking Google to pull down his Youtube video

Mutahi Ngunyi
Mutahi Ngunyi

Political activist Mutahi Ngunyi has lashed out at the government for their request to Google asking them to pull down his video for hate speech.

He defended himself from the allegations of hate speech saying that he was only biased against haters of the country, propagators of violence and the crooked media which was not telling Kenyans the truth.

Ngunyi denied that his video was propagating hate speech and said that in his video, he was just asking hard questions that Kenyans already seem to be asking.

In the controversial video, Mutahi Ngunyi dove into the death of former Interior Secretary Joseph Nkaissery saying that he suspected foul play.

The activist without mincing words said that he believed Nkaissery was assassinated.

In this clip, he asked a lingering question…”did Nkaissery really die or did they force him to die?”

He further goes on to state why he believes there was foul play in the former CS’s death.

“In my view, Nkaissery was assassinated. Some say he was probably sick and I say the easiest target for assassination is a sick man”, he said. “He was not sick and if he was sick, the timing of his death is suspect.”

The video is part of his Youtube channel “The 5th Estate” which he appears with his students from the Swiss MC University in Zurich Switzerland.

The activist was also unapologetic for his political leanings saying he stuck by them in the face of critics in the government.

“If supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta which we do is wrong, then we do not choose to be right,” he said. “If criticizing Raila Odinga is wrong, we do not choose to be right.

On Friday, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru asked the search engine giant Google to pull down the video saying it was creating tension in the country.

Here is the controversial video.