NTV’s Mohammed Ali ‘will eat grass’, Apostle Njoroge warns

Monday, July 23, 2012 – Over the weekend NTV’s investigative journalist Mohammed Ali and his colleague Ferdinard Omondi highlighted the featured story of a City Cabanas pastor who allegedly uses prostitutes to fake testimonies at the expense of innocent Christians.
Yesterday, Pastor Michael Njoroge held a church service at his church and vowed that the two journalists who exposed him will eat grass very soon.
According to a church elder who sought anonymity, pastor Njoroge was angered by the highlighted story. He said that the journalists will soon also know that they too are Kenyans. The revelations came after he failed to pay the prostitutes the promised Sh. 10,000 after fake miracles.
Njoroge’s wife has also gone public and claimed that all the allegations implicated on the flamboyant televised Pastor were true. Rumor has it that Mrs. Njoroge is also seeking divorce due to the man’s infidelity.
At the service yesterday, the church was awash as visitors flooded in to witness the so called miracles. Security was also beefed up and the media was not allowed into the church.
  • Hawama

    The Pastor has been smoked out, now resorting to desperate talk.He might eat grass for his hypocrisy before Muhammed does.

  • Grace

    Njoroge is adding more proof to his docket that he sleeps with prostitutes and fakes miracles. He will burn in hell if he does not repent. As for Mohammed, u did your job right. Report this man to police and have him questioned. He is not the so called man of God but man of money. I thought he was better of thanthose pastors who go to aske devil for power, but his threat shows also he is satanic seeker. To christians who attend his services,do u really pray?Why, its easy to know any pastor who is faking. I know several in Nai

  • Amayoannabel

    woi pastor see the way people lie witht he name of God> Pastor it is you who will eat grass for lying to pple

  • Leonardakure

    I know the guy has no power of his own to disapprove the journalist….but Ali and the colleague should be aware that the guy might use African black magic against them…

  • Grace

    I wish the media would stop calling him the man of God to stop dragging God’s name in this mess. Instead, they just refer him as Mchael Njoroge.

  • Cykes2008

    this is the pastor who i continually doubted his miracles,i so much believe that all what is happening i s the fulfilment of God word for the last day,woe to you who fulfils the the prophesy.
    the government shud enforce law and sanctions to this con=rn men who pretent to be pastors.all his churches shud be closed down.i hop mohamend has done good to reveal this great mystry.nyasi watasikula wao,all sin are forgivable but blaspemy against the the sprit o f God is non forgivable,”roho ananiambia wewe uliongea hio maneno sana”

  • ruth

    coverage we stand on….

  • catherine njeri

    lululu, the curse for the shepherd is greater and severe than that of the sheep the shepherd mislead.

  • Augustineabuyabo

    The truth must come out and if he don’t have faith to heal people where will he get the one to make someone eat grass? Let him not drag Gods name behind. What a shame is he giving Kenya. He has to face judgement with immediate effect. Well done Mohammed Ali and your colleague believe that nothing is going to happen to you.