October 26 repeat election to continue as scheduled, President Uhuru says


President Kenyatta has said that the October 26 repeat elections will go on as scheduled with or without Raila Odinga.

Mr Uhuru said he is with NASA flagbearers  withdrawal from the repeat presidential election saying that it is his democratic right.

The National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader exercised his “democratic right” to withdraw from the repeat poll, Mr Kenyatta said on Tuesday.

The president said that the ruling by the Supreme Court that fresh elections be held will be obeyed and the exerciseto go on as schedulked on October 26.

Mr Kenyatta said while Mr Odinga has a right to pull out of the election, “he should know that Kenyans have a right to choose their leaders”.

The president blasted Mr Odinga’s withdrawal as “injustice” to Kenyans, saying more than Sh12 billion has been spent to prepare for the repeat poll.

“That money would have been used to build roads,” he said during his campaign in Voi.