May 25, 2016

Poison found in Mutula Kilonzo, Govt refuses to send samples to UK

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Sources including Kenya Televison Network (KTN ) have revealed that traces of poison were found on Mutula Kilonzo’s liver during the autopsy.

Family sources and a doctor involved in the investigations also said that tests for a sophisticated poison, Polonium 210 are being conducted.

The station also announced in a news bulletin that the government team that was involved in the autopsy has refused to send his body samples to the UK for analysis.

A team of seven pathologists among them a Briton who was hired to perform the autopsy took 52 samples for an independent analysis but the government pathologists have withheld them.(Read: What pathologists said after Mutula Kilonzo postmortem)

“No sample will be taken out of the country as all the samples collected can be analysed locally,” Government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

Dr Oduor had been accused of deliberately omitting critical medical notes during the Saitoti investigations after the former Internal Security Minister and his deputy Orwa Ojode along with two pilots died in a helicopter crash around the Ngong forest on June 10, 2012.

The medical notes that Dr Oduol ordered his juniors to withhold would have clearly revealed traces of poisoning on the bodies of the deceased. Dr Oduol’s juniors revealed that the bodies contained a pink discoloration which is normally associated with the presence of a poisonous gas.

Polonium 210 is a deadly radiation poison and it is the same poison that was used used to kill Alexander Litvinenk, a KGB agent-turned-Kremlin critic  in London in 2006.

Traces of the poison was also on the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s clothes he is said to have worn before his death.

Reports received after Mutula Kilonzo’s death stated that the Senator had vomited on his sink earlier on in the fateful night. The police had also indicated that investigations were looking into the poison theory and the investigations were centered on food samples around the Senator’s home. (Read: Mystery sorrounds Mutula Kilonzo movements Friday before death)

Mutula’s family is locked in a dispute over the late senator’s burial site. Mutula’s family yesterday met to resolve the dispute.

Mutula’s current wife wants him to be buried in Maazoni where he was living while other family members want him to be laid to rest in Mbooni where his parent come from.

KTN’s reporting on the Mutula developments start at point 3:00 on the video below

34 Responses to “Poison found in Mutula Kilonzo, Govt refuses to send samples to UK”
  1. Kos Gei says:


  2. Belinda Oketch says:

    Kenyan mwananchi keeps praying for peace while our leaders keep on murdering! wooow! what an example! any way, Mungu awasamehe coz you don´t know what you are doing! anyway we will still do our part siku za mwisho kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe.

  3. Aggy Eustus says:

    Power is and can be evil…Watu wa mungu tuombeni….

  4. Belinda Oketch says:

    woiyeee saidieni the poor cat wacheni mchezo.kwani simba inatoshea kwa jerican? hahahahahhh.aaah kidding, msimsaidia huyo paka atabadilika awe chi.hihihihii.kweli PWANI SI KENYA!

  5. Swt Kattie says:

    rest in peace mutula kilonzo….

  6. Shyqu Kamande says:

    God kindly intervine please.

  7. u will live long in our minds as a hero who knew what he was doing for the kenyans.REST IN PEACE MUTULA KILONZO.

  8. Rest in Peace Senator Mutula.

  9. Pretty She says:

    that was expected. this is kenya.

  10. Mariselah Peter says:

    I wonder why they are refusing the Samples to be futher analysed! Some times am disapointed with ma country God Help us!“No sample will be taken out of the country as all the samples collected can be analysed locally,” Government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

  11. Job says:

    i wont to propose anyone who suspect that he or she has some vital secret that can expose the few evil men in this country to record secretly and send to someone outside this country so that in the event that he dies then its released immediately, we tired of people dying with crucial information like Saitoti and now Mutula, we may never know what they new that can help this great nation

  12. But I also watched in a different TV station the wife being interviewed and she said that they have faith that the necessary investigations can be done locally without sending them abroad.

  13. Penny Jacks says:

    ningekua wa mutulas family mwenye alimuua ningemlisha nyasi.kangundo kwa anne mutheu.

  14. Oh my, does anyone proofread anymore? So eager to get it out that there is no room to correct simple annoying errors; why use ” current wife” in reference to Mutula’s wife?

  15. Mary Okello says:

    Why would any one wqant to kill Mutula Kilonzo. I have nver found him to be compelling but just a guy who happens to be there. Could never figure out what he does. He has made mistakes and backed the losing sides, 2002 and 2013. Raila shoulod now stop making irresponsible statements about the CJ. He lost the elctions fair and square. He should retire to Mgingo Island and be a fisherman. Or Orengo can step down for him …

  16. Ris Nyaoke says:

    so.. what next..ifa comprehensive results have been found concerning the abrupt dismiss of the senator Mutula Kilonzo, then why does the government take long to tell all fellow Kenyans? God will bring all to light….may God be with Mutulas family at this time of mourning.

  17. If the government has nothing to hide, let them send the samples.

  18. Essy Kaniaru-Kiarie says:

    Given the fact that some Viagra pills were found, find out the adverse effects of those pills. Now that will give you an answer which is being omitted. You know why? ITS EMBARRASSING!

  19. Ngigi Anthony says:

    na story ya DNA? what happened kamtula jr jr.

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