Raila to address supporters on the eve of repeat poll


NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga will address his supporters in a statement on October 25 on the way forward in respect to the repeat presidential poll.

Mr Odinga who has withdrawn from the elections said that Kenyans of goodwill must desist from participating in the elections.

“On Wednesday I will talk to Kenya and I will tell you what you should do ahead of the polls,” Raila said when he addressed mourners at a funeral service in Bondo on Friday.

He urged his supporters not to attack traders and supporters of president Uhuru Kenyatta saying they are innocent and suffering too.

“I want to tell my people not to revenge against any Kikuyu man here in Bondo or anywhere else, that Kikuyu or Kalenjin is also suffering as you are suffering,” he said.

He said that opposition is only interested in a united Kenya that has no boundaries of tribalism or ethnicity.

“Everywhere I go they call me Baba. The other day I was in Kiambu and they called me baba as Uhuru watched. The Kikuyu community are our people. Let us not take the sins of one person and put it in others heads,” he said.

“God will push Uhuru alone as he does not speak and serve the interest of any Kenyans.”

Raila said Uhuru is not in competition with unarmed and innocent Kenyans he is shooting at.

“I wish he could aim at me instead of shooting innocent Kenyans who are not in competition with him,” Raila said.

Four people have been killed and seven arrested since the anti-IEBC protests begun but the figure is far less than the one released by Amnesty International, that placed the number of deaths to at least 33.