Stop whining, stand up against unjust leaders, Ban Ki-Moon tells Kenyan youth


Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has asked youths and civil society to stop whining and instead stand up against unjust leaders.

Speaking on Wednesday evening at Strathmore University, Ki-Moon said youths should take leadership of their destiny.

“Instead of complaining of what is happening around you take charge. Get organised, raise your voice, speak out. If you see injustices and unfairness, standup,” he said.

“Even if you don’t have a title or official mandate, you are still a very important part of society. The civil society members are like kings without crowns.

“There is no strong government that can defeat your voice,” he added narrating on how the Arab spring was sparked off by a young man who was fed up by brutal regime in his home country.”

The former UN boss asked the government to include youths and women in activities by giving them jobs, treating them with dignity and in respect to the law.

He was speaking for the first time as private citizen and as a member of civil society movement.

He said it was troubling to see leaders clinging on power in defiance of people’s wish and constitutional guidelines.

He said such greed and clinging to power beyond term limits was a cause of instability and governance deficiencies in many countries.

“When your constitutional term comes to an end don’t cling on power,” he said, adding that any amendments to change term limits should be done in line with rule of law and concurrence of the people.

He regretted that the world is not peaceful, blaming the ongoing wars and conflicts to narrow mindedness of the respective leaders.

“Narrow interests are behind some leaders killing their own people. This has been the cause of refugee and migrant crisis as they flee eminent danger from their homes,” he said.