Supreme Court decision to nullify election results was a “coup”, Uhuru says


Four people sitting in the Supreme Court staged a coup when making the decision to nullify the August 8 presidential election. President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Mr Kenyatta said that the four judges who formed the majority to declare the last election null and void resorted to judicial dictatorship.

The President made the comments at State House, Nairobi after the full judgement was read at the Supreme Court with the majority issuing their reasoning for their ruling.

“This was a coup…I must call it what it is,” he told a group of Jubilee Party elected leaders from Northern Kenya on Thursday.

“This is a voice of a few, who on their own decided they can choose a leader for the majority of Kenyans. If this is not dictatorship, I don’t what it is,” he said.

He said all the gains of the Constitution promulgated in 2010 was overturned by the judgment, which has allowed a few people to lead over the majority.

“The judgment has shown the voice of the people matters no more. What matters is the voice of a few people, who arrogate to themselves powers they don’t have,” he said.

He said the Constitution had checks and balances that checked the power of the executive branch hence preventing the president do as he wishes.

The president also said that the constitution has entrenched democratic values, devolution and conferred on the people basic rights and freedoms and Justice David Maraga’s  judgment does not fit within the meaning or spirit of the Constitution.

He also took issue with the court for saying it would not hesitate to nullify presidential election if the same kind of issue arose again.

“They say numbers don’t matter but they refused to look at the important documents, which is the only way to determine the expression of people’s sovereign will,” he said.

The president reiterated that had the judges been genuine in their push for justice, they would have ordered a recount instead.

“In a free country source documents best express people will, but the judges refused to look at them. They are lucky they are dealing with a polite man, who respects the constitution and is not interested in seeing Kenyans fight,” he said.

He said despite his reservations on the court’s ruling, he respects its decision, saying repeat elections should be held within 60 days.