The two conditions under which I will concede defeat in upcoming elections-Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga
Raila Odinga

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga has laid down the two conditions that must be met before he can concede defeat if he loses in the upcoming August general elections.

Odinga said he would concede defeat only if the electronic voter identification devices (EVIDS) function properly and that Al-Ghurair company does not print the presidential ballot papers.

He said that if these two conditions are in place, then it would eliminate the possibility of a rigged election and he would consider them free and fair.

“If the EVIDS function properly that will eliminate the possibility of ghost voters and dead voters resurrecting, voting and then going back to their graves. If we can get assurance from IEBC that is not going to be the case and that nobody is going to vote unless they are identified biometrically, then we will accept the results,” he said.

He said he was concerned that the IEBC was adamant that they would not give the ballot papers tender to another company but instead still wants to proceed with Al-Ghurair which he considers compromised.

“This company seems to be the only one, according to IEBC, that can print the ballot papers. There is something sinister about this company. Some people ate commissions from this company so that they cannot do away with it, he added.

The IEBC had said that it may find it difficult to conduct the national vote on Aug. 8 as scheduled if its decision to award a ballot-printing contract to a Dubai-based company faces another challenge.

If the choice of Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing Ltd. is challenged now, “we will not be ready for elections,” Ezra Chiloba, chief executive officer of the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had said in an interview.

Al Ghurair won the 2.5 billion-shilling ($24.2-million) contract to print 120 million ballot papers.

On Thursday, Odinga said that he would glad to concede to President Uhuru if he loses in credible elections.

“We are sportsmen and we know in every contest there must be a winner and a loser. Therefore, we shall accept defeat if the elections are free and fair. Life does not end with Raila Odinga,” he said.




  1. This is RAO positioning himself for a violent reaction once he losses the elections. Always bringing up conditions that might be compromised in their meaning. Kenyans be werely about Odin game and be ready for violence after elections no matter the results unless he is declared the winner

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