With Uhuru in commanding lead, Raila rejects results


NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga has rejected the results of Kenya’s polls currently showing incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta in a commanding lead.

Mr Odinga rejected the results being transmitted on the IEBC portal terming the process as a ‘sham and a fraud’ on Kenyans.

At the time of the announcement, Uhuru was leading with 55 per cent of the vote while Odinga trailed with 44 per cent.

During a press conference called to make the announcement, Odinga rejected the results posted publicly on the portal and called on the IEBC to produce Form 34As.

“We reject all results streamed so far and demand that the IEBC produce Form 34As”- the NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga said.

He said he was concerned that the IEBC was streaming the results but not accompanied by the forms.

Odinga also said that NASA agents were disallowed to scan the results saying that this was the reason why Chris Musando was assassinated.

IEBC has said it will provide the forms for verification.