Grandmother to kids being taken care of by a dog in Dagoretti appeals for help



Last week we posted a story of the two school children that were being taken care of by a dog. The kids are from Kirigu Village in Dagoretti and they are 7 year old David Mbogo and 6 year old Mary Wanjiku, and the helper dog is Oscar.

The kids mother is a drug addict and is a heavy chang’aa consumer. The kids live with their grandmother and they also have a special friend “Oscar” the dog. The kids are never out of the dog’s sight. He is their “protector” and is always standing up for the kids.

The dog takes them to school, waits around the school compound, and takes them back home after classes.

The story also told of a life of ravaging though dump sites in Dagoretti for food. The kids grandmother Susan Wanjiku sells cabbages in Kibera and earns about Sh200 ($3) a day. was able to get hold of the kids grandmother and she had a story of misery to tell.

She told that her biggest need is housing. She said she is having trouble housing her seven grandkids in the little makeshift house they call home.

“Every time it rains, sewerage water flows through the house and I am afraid for the kids,” she said. “I pray to God that we can get a better dwelling for the kids and that is our greatest need.

Five of her grand kids were born to her drug-addicted daughter while two of her grand children were left behind by her other daughter who passed away sometime back.

She says that over the last couple of days it has been really cold and she has not been able to get the kids warm clothing. She was however receiving a few things here and there for the kids from well wishers. She also says she needs food for the kids. She is  in need of basic stuff like salt, sugar, tea leaves, milk, flour. She also needs warm clothing for the kids.

She also has to pay school fees for Mbogo and Wanjiku at Sh 2,400 ($30)per school term for both of them. Mbogo and Wanjiku failed to report to class 1 on time and they had to remain in nursery school since it was past the deadline to join the class.

One of her grandchildren-Kevin Nduati sat for KCPE last year and is still at home. Kevin hopes to do a course in electrical engineering or welding, according to the kids grandmother.

She told that she is in urgent need of food be it unga, Sugar, Salt and also tea leaves so she can make chai for the kids to stay warm in the biting cold.

She has also expressed gratitude for all the phone calls she has been receiving from Kenya and many parts of the world. She hopes that well wishers will come through for her and the little children.

For those who would like to help out, you can MPESA your contributions to Grandma’s number which  is 0713-666885.

If you want to help pay school fees for the kids, you can also reach their class teacher Mrs Kinyanjui at 0720-568878.

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If you are in the US and would like to help, you can send some cash to the grandma using MPESA. In the US it is offered through Western Union and is a mobile banking platform in Kenya. You can either use Western Union online or walk into a Western Union point which is available in many US stores. Western Union should be able to guide you. The process is..

First select country where the payee resides……….and follow the rest of the prompts

Country: Kenya
Amount: $…..
“Money in Minutes”.
Pay w/ Credit Card.
Payout to “Receiver’s Mobile Wallet”.
Receiver’s First Name: Susan.
Receiver’s Last Name: WANJIKU.
Receiver’s Mobile Number (Kenya’s country code -254- will automatically populate): 713-666885. (Note: Leave out the “0” at the beginning of the grandma’s phone number)

  • QueenBri

    Those are not phone numbers, they are money transfer numbers thru a service call MPESA. I’m trying to find out more, specifically how to use the service, but am not having much luck 🙁

  • Cas

    you can send money through western union to MPESA accounts. MPESA is a widely used mobile banking system in Kenya through safaricom (one of the major cell providers in Kenya).

  • QueenBri

    @Cas I just tried.. no dice 🙁

  • QueenBri

    Ok, got it! Online, thru Western Union select the following options:

    Country: Kenya
    Amount: $…..
    “Money in Minutes”
    Pay w/ Credit Card
    Payout to “Receiver’s Mobile Wallet”
    Receiver’s First Name: Susan
    Receiver’s Last Name: WANJIKU
    Receiver’s Mobile Number (Kenya’s country code -254- will automatically populate): 713-666885.

    PS: the article shows a 0 in front of the number (0713-666885), you have to take the zero out or it won’t work.
    I hope this helps.

  • catfish20

    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions, it was so easy to do. Please pass this on, it is our duty to help others in need.

  • nyrebel

    How do we know this is safe and the money truly gets to the family? How do we know it will be used to take care of the children? I think there needs to be something better set up for them. Something that will ensure our money is not misused.

    • catfish20

      It was done through Western Union. I feel pretty secure using that company.

      • QueenBri

        My thoughts exactly. I think it will be ok..

  • squiz

    when you figure out an easy way to make donations let me know, i’ll check back later. thanks

  • doglover

    I just dontated and you have to take the dash in the mobile number out for it to work too.

  • Nancy Hayden

    I would like to buy some dog food to Oscar the dog how do I send dog ? any know please advise.
    The Hayden’s