[VIDEO] Chipukeezy under fire after lying “white woman” helped him meet US comedian Kevin Hart


Kenyan comedian Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy is under fire after he appeared on TV and lied about who introduced him to American comedian Kevin Hart during a tour of the US in June.

The comedian met with the celebrity in Los Angeles, California days moments after performing at an event in Dallas, Texas.

Chipukeezy appeared on Kenyan TV several times where the hosts brought up the photo of the comedian with the American comedian.

The two NTV shows were hosted by Cindy Ogana and Kobi Kihara respectively.

Both times,he said that a white woman approached him after a show in Dallas and offered to help him meet Kevin Hart.

A budding Kenyan actress in Los Angeles Christine Wawira disputed the account of his story and gave an account of what she says actually happened.

She says that she introduced Chipukeezy to the American comedian and was shocked to hear that a “white woman” did.

Notably, the Chipukeezy clips where he repeated the lie was uploaded on NTV Kenya’s youtube page on July 14th and another interview on August 29.

On one of the clips, Kobi Kihara said that seeing a photo of Chipukeezy and Kevin Hart together on Instagram was such a proud moment for her. She asked the comedian to tell viewers how it came about.

He started by saying how he had always wanted to perform in the US and he had applied to perform at the Improv comedy club mostly based in the Texas area.

He added that he emailed back and forth with the Improv management and he was eventually asked to perform at the club.

He then said that after he performed for Improv’s audience for three minutes..where he said he told jokes about short people and lions…he asked the audience for assistance in helping him.

“At the end of the set, i remember I said that..by the way guys, I am an African-the real African version of Kevin Hart. If you see him, tell him I am kinda here so we can hang out..,” Chipukeezy said.

“After the show, this white lady come up to me and says “would you like to see him tomorrow”.

Chipukeezy said that the lady said he could meet the star the following day if he hopped on a flight to Los Angeles where he is based.

He then says that at that time he was in disbelief.

“At this moment I wasn’t sure whether this lady was trying to con me but she was a white lady I was like aaa wazungu hawanaga uongo,” he added.

However Ms Wawira had a different account. She said that she personally spoke to Chipukeezy who may have gotten her contacts from Njoro the comedian whom she had met in Dallas the previous month.

She said that they chatted on video and she informed him that Kevin Hart had a scheduled book signing event in Los Angeles and that if he could make his way there, he could possibly meet him.

The comedian eventually got a flight to LA where he was hosted by the actress and was finally able to meet the comedian.

Photos shared on social media show Ms Wawira and Chipukeezy at the book signing and each holding a copy of Hart’s book.
When asked by Ms Wawira why he lied, he had this to say.

“Kenyan media was trying to tell my story of why and how I met Kevin. Everyone was saying that I flew all the way to come and take a picture to be a groupie etc etc it was looking bad for me. So I decided to change the story and told it my way. Am sorry for disappointing you but I had to protect my brand girl. Am sorry.”

Kenyans on social media also mocked his assertion that a passenger was taken off a flight in Dallas so that he can board after he explained to the airline counter attendants who he was.

He said that he had booked his flight incorrectly and that he could not get on the flight he thought he had booked.

The comedian said that the attendant told him that he could not make it on to that flight. He said that he explained to her who he was and even pulled up youtube clips of him performing.

He then says that the attendant pulled a passenger from the flight so he could board.

Needless to say, his phone has been off since Thursday.