[VIDEO] Epic proposal from a Dallas man to lady who stood by him through thick and thin


An old video made on November 24th, 2009 (but still relevant) has surfaced which shows a Dallas man propose to his girlfriend who from his story stuck by him through thick and thin….and back.

The unidentified man is first seen guiding the blindfolded lady down a set of stairs into a room full of relatives and friends. The lady is unaware of their presence.

The man sits her down and a anther female removes the blindfold. The man proceeds to tell of how he met the lady and how she had been besides him all along even after he was laid off his job, slept in his car and even returning to his mother’s house.

He says he watched her graduate and it inspired him to go back to school and he graduated Cum Laude.

In the meantime, the lady can be seen squealing with emotions and joy filled the room.

Watch the rest of it here.