[VIDEO] Full Supreme Court ruling invalidating Uhuru’s re-election


All eyes were on the Supreme Court as the country was glued to the TV sets all across the country. Six judges sat on the bench when the ruling was made.

Justice Maraga started by explaining that it was not possible to have the full judgement for their ruling documented for want of time.

He said that trying to do so was going to delay their ruling which could plunge the country into a constitutional crisis.

Justice Maraga said he was aware of the uproar the Supreme Court caused in 2013 when it made the ruling upholding the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta without a full judgement.

He said however that given the tonnes of material placed before the court, it was not humanly possible to go through the record and write a reasoned and well considered judgement.

He apologized to those who expected the full judgement to be read out but he promised to do so at a later date.

He then proceeded to read the determination of the court.

He said the hearing were concluded on August 29, 2017 after 9pm and the judges started deliberating the issues presented.

Here the full session leading to the announcement.